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Tell us about yourself and your career.

I currently work as a freelance web developer and IT consultant, but I am also a former steel erector, international trucker, and transport manager! I believe my eclectic career has provided me with the best life experience for providing services to my clients.

I left school aged 16 with an O Level in Physics and no other qualifications. Then, when working as a steel erector, I suffered a back injury aged 24. Further false starts ensued until I learned to drive a truck. As an international trucker, I worked mostly in Europe, including several years as a NATO contractor delivering supplies to the peacekeeping troops in Bosnia, Macedonia, and Kosovo. In 2006 I suffered a sequence of serious illnesses. However, motivated by the need to provide for my family, I was able to obtain the certificate of Professional Competence in Road Haulage Management. This allowed me to move into transport management for a national catalogue company.

After getting my First Class degree in Computing and Website Development aged 50 and finding it difficult to find work, I decided to found my own company, Fantabulous Limited. Sadly, the company was forced to stop trading as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. I now work as a sole trader under my own name and also act as a consultant for a software company based in Madrid.

Tell us about your business.

I run my own web development company where I help my clients design and build their websites. I can assist and provide my services to anyone who wants a website! Whether they need a one-page Yellow-Pages-style advertisement or a full-blown e-commerce website, I can help my clients create their own presence on the web, even if they have a tiny budget.

My preferred media for web development is WordPress and the Bootstrap mobile-first CSS framework. This, in many cases, allows updates to be made by my clients themselves. However, if it is needed, I can also offer a fully-managed service.

This year, I have built a website for a charity as a donation and have provided a website service for a business that is also struggling after the pandemic.

What is your biggest achievement so far?

My biggest achievement has been obtaining my degree. After some major life changes, I enrolled at the University of Bolton and graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Computing and Website Development with First Class Honours. This was one of my proudest days.

As the first person in my family to attend university, and after leaving school virtually uneducated, my degree is of immense pride to me as I was literally top of the class. This opens doors for me and means my CV is never rejected and, when I tender for work, potential clients want to speak with me.

How has Rocket Lawyer helped your business?

Every website I build needs Terms and conditions, a Privacy policy and, on occasion, Terms and conditions for the sale of goods. These documents are often expected to be generated as part of the website package and this is where Rocket Lawyer is a vital help. I have limited knowledge of legal documents, so the simple process of generating these documents with Rocket Lawyer is valuable to have in your toolbox.

How has your experience using Rocket Lawyer been so far?

I would absolutely recommend Rocket Lawyer to colleagues, friends, and peers. Keep up the good work Rocket Lawyer!

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Thanks to Scott for telling us all about your career and the web development services you offer! 

Take a look at Scott’s website for his web development business to learn more about what he does. 

Browse Rocket Lawyer’s document library to see how we might be able to help your business too. 

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