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Work Confidently with Rocket Lawyer

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What did you use Rocket Lawyer for?

I used Rocket Lawyer to update my Privacy policy, and Data security policy on my website prior to GDPR . I’ve also used it to create a Fire risk assessment document and to create a new Health and safety policy.

What does your business do?

Corporate Growth Consultancy has a number of training programmes which improve the skill sets of your employees and you as a leader. We are an authorised partner of EVERYTHING DiSC®, a transformational tool to help you understand yourself and others to elevate the effectiveness of communication and teamwork to create more productive workplaces. We are also a partner of THE FIVE BEHAVIOURS OF A COHESIVE TEAM™, which builds on results from EVERYTHING DiSC ® or Ally Types profile assessments. The result of these programmes is a cohesive and productive workforce.

Tell us about your experience using Rocket Lawyer.

I’ve used Rocket Lawyer to make a number of documents for my business. It’s a great service which I would recommend to anyone with a small business or consultancy.

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