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What do you use Rocket Lawyer for?

I have been using (and recommending) Rocket Lawyer for a couple of years now, generally for contract creation when we take on a new client, or subcontracting work to other suppliers. It’s a fantastic resource for day-to-day business needs, however.

What area of law did you need assistance with?


What did you use the Ask a lawyer service for?

We had a very difficult situation with an employee and needed professional advice so that we might deal with the situation fairly, legally and with the interest of both the employee and the business given consideration.

I contacted Rocket Lawyer at the weekend, via the online contact system. Being able to give a written overview was extremely helpful, as I felt whoever was connected with us would have the best skills to advise us.

When the Solicitor contacted us, they had a prior understanding of the problem and were able to give advice immediately. The lawyer was supportive and well informed, he demonstrated a lot of relevant experience and helped us deal with the situation quickly and effectively. I didn’t have to go through the process of spending hours looking for a specialist with the right skills, so it saved a lot of time and worry and most importantly, the challenge faced was dealt with in an appropriate, legal and fair way – which is the outcome I hoped to achieve.

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