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Tell us a bit about you and your business.

My name’s Claire and I’m the Director of New Bee-ginnings.

I switched my 20 year stint in the corporate world, where I had various senior leadership roles. For the last 8 years of my corporate career, I headed up Health, Safety & Environment and Enterprise Risk Management & Assurance functions for a FTSE100 company.

I traded all that in 2018 for New Bee-ginnings, a property investment and development business specialising in single let properties. I made the jump because I wanted the opportunity for my hard work to benefit me and my family directly. I was after time freedom and to be my own boss and I got that with New Bee-ginnings. 

I am grateful for my corporate experience. The 20 years gave me all the skills, experience and knowledge to shape my own business.

3 months ago, I also started a business consultancy business. Here, I get to use my 20 years of knowledge directly from having managed people, evaluating performances and structured huge departments. The business consultancy specialises in building operational frameworks.

Who are your customers?

I’ve put the family at the heart of New Bee-ginnings. My usual customers are young families who want a modern and stylish space where they can settle in and stay in the house for a few years. In fact, my entire business model is structured around the needs of a family. For example, the houses I buy and invest in are usually 3 bedroom houses with spacious gardens, around good schools, etc. 

What’s your biggest business achievement so far?

During my corporate career, I’ve worked on some high-level bespoke projects. One was creating a health and safety programme that was cross- business, integrated and deployable for 10 businesses within the group I was working for. I developed the team, built a risk focussed programme and then rolled that out. 

At New Bee-ginnings, I’m proud to say that none of my tenants have ever moved out (to date!). My business model is that the tenants stay forever and I’m pleased that none of them have not had to leave. Actually, since I started New Bee-ginnings, I’m lucky to say that there’s been no zero occupancies.

How was Rocket Lawyer able to help you?

I came across Rocket Lawyer through an internet search. I was looking to create and download a privacy policy. I subsequently registered an account with Rocket Lawyer and thought it was a great service.

Actually, I class Rocket Lawyer as being part of “My Team”. I bookmark various partners and websites that are incredibly helpful to me and business. I like to think that they are my team and so, I know that if I ever needed to use Rocket Lawyer again, I know where it is. 

My experience of Rocket Lawyer was really easy and really simple. For terms and conditions documents, there were different options I could get if I wanted to, which is great as it lets me tailor the document exactly to my business needs. The process to then download after completing the document was very simple too!

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned since you’ve started your own business?

The best of things can be achieved when you involve other people. The power of a team and engaging with experts, creating collaborations, etc has led to the best work I’ve ever done. 

When I first started my business, I was doing it all myself. I realised that my strength is engaging and liaising with others so my biggest lesson is to as many collaborations and partnerships with people as you possibly can.

What advice do you have for our readers?

Keep going and never give up! It pays off in the end!

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