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Time Off for Dependants Policy checklist

Make it Legal™ Checklist

Here are a few important steps to take to finish your document

Read the Time Off for Dependants Policy to make sure it meets your needs. Remember that if you have any questions you can easily Ask a lawyer.

Just having a Time Off for Dependants Policy doesn’t mean you’ve complied with your legal obligations. Make sure that you uphold employees’ entitlements to time off for dependants, as set out in your Policy. For more information, read Managing employee absenteeism and the Government’s guidance.

Make the Time Off for Dependants Policy available to employees by, for example, including it in induction packs or Employee handbooks, providing it in hard copy, sending it out by email, putting it on notice boards or an intranet site, or posting it on other easily accessible computer systems.  

The Time Off for Dependants Policy is not a contract and does not need to be signed or agreed to by the employee. You can ask employees to sign an acknowledgement to show that they have received it, but it’s not legally required.

The Time Off for Dependants Policy incorporates legal requirements related to employees’ right to take time off for dependants. You should regularly review your Policy (eg once each year) to ensure that it stays up to date.

Keep a copy of the Time Off for Dependants Policy for your records.

You should download and keep a copy of your Time Off for Dependants Policy, either electronically or in hard copy. If any amendments are made to the copy, you should store all versions and record when the changes occurred. 

A copy of the Policy will also be automatically stored in your Rocket Lawyer account ‘Dashboard’.

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