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Shareholders agreement checklist

Make it Legal™ Checklist

Here are a few important steps to take to finish your document

Read the document to make sure it meets your needs and that everyone involved agrees with the shareholders agreement. Remember that if you have any questions you can easily Ask a lawyer.

The shareholders agreement is a special type of contract called a 'deed'. This means it must be signed in a special way:

  1. Print a copy for each shareholder and one for the company directors.

    You must print a copy of your deed and sign it physically. Deeds can legally be signed using electronic signatures, but extra care must be taken when signing electronically to ensure that all of the formalities for execution of the particular type of deed are met. This deed is, therefore, designed to be signed by hand (ie ‘wet-signed’) to ensure that it is executed correctly. You cannot sign online.
  2. The shareholders must sign each copy in the presence of a witness.

  3. The chosen company directors must sign each copy. If only one director is signing then a witness is required.

  4. The witnesses must sign and add their name, address and occupation directly underneath the signature of the party they are witnessing.

  5. Complete the shareholders agreement by writing the date in the space provided at the top of the agreement.  The date should be the date the last person signed the agreement.

Read Execution of deeds for more help on signing deeds.

A witness must have mental capacity and not be under the age of 18. The same person may witness more than one signature but must sign and complete the details below every signature witnessed. A party to the deed cannot witness the signature of another party to the deed.

  • A copy of the shareholders agreement will be stored under 'My Documents' in your Rocket Lawyer account.

  • The company should keep the signed original as well as a copy for its records.

  • Each shareholder should keep their own signed original of the agreement.

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