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Party wall notice checklist

Make it Legal™ Checklist

Here are a few important steps to take to finish your document

Read the document to make sure it meets your needs. Make sure that you have selected or created the right notice regarding the works you intend to do. There are three types of notices:

  • Party structure notice

  • Line of junction notice

  • Notice of excavation

Remember that if you have any questions you can easily Ask a lawyer.

For more information read Party wall matters

Note that all joint owners should sign unless one is authorised to sign for all joint owners and this document should not be signed online.

  1. Print a copy for all the joint owners which must be hand-signed. This document should not be signed online.

  2. Send a paper copy to all the neighbours affected. You cannot send the notice by email unless the affected neighbour has provided their written confirmation that they are happy to receive notices by email.

  3. Remember to produce separate notices if you are informing them of more than one type of work.

  4. Your neighbour must return the acknowledgement by ticking the appropriate box with their decision - giving consent, refusing consent or serving a counter notice.

  5. All joint owners of the affected property must also sign.

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