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Board minutes checklist

Make it Legal™ Checklist

Here are a few important steps to take to finish your document

Read the document to make sure it meets your needs.

Remember that if you have any questions you can easily Ask a lawyer.

Once you know what the business of the meeting is, you can attach the draft Minutes to the notice of the meeting. In this way, the Board Minutes serve as an agenda for the meeting and notify the potential attendees of what the meeting will be about.

Note that once you have received apologies for the meeting and know who will be attending, you will need to add in these details and re-print and distribute the Board Minutes for use at the meeting.

  1. Everyone attending should have a copy of the Board Minutes in front of them. The chairman or the person leading the meeting needs to take the directors through each resolution.

  2. Note that the directors must declare any interests they hold in the proposed business (section 3) and may not be allowed to count in the quorum on relevant resolutions - check what the Minutes say.

  3. Make sure the directors really think about points when they make decisions.

  4. The chairman can make agreed manuscript amendments if necessary.

  5. The chairman needs to sign the Minutes at the end of the meeting.

After the meeting the company secretary or, if there isn’t one, an individual who can act as the company secretary, needs to:

  • distribute a copy of the signed Board Minutes to the board members, including any members that did not attend

  • update the company books and registers of the company with any decisions from the meeting, and

  • file all necessary forms and documents at Companies House

For more information about filing requirements, read to Other filings at Companies House.

Certain types of information can be filed at Companies House through WebFiling. For more information, read to Other filings at Companies House.

Make a copy of the signed Board Minutes and safely store the original with the company books.

A copy of the Board Minutes will be stored automatically in your Rocket Lawyer account ‘Dashboard’.

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