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How to make a Change of address letter

Make sure that you properly notify everyone when you move home with this change of address letter. This change of address template covers the important function of notifying everyone of your change of address. Avoid being inconvenienced by not being able to arrange deliveries or at worst, being the victim of identity fraud, by notifying your bank, credit cards etc of your change of address.

Use this change of address letter:

  • when you move home to notify everyone that you have moved
  • if you are based in England, Wales or Scotland

This change of address letter covers:

  • the change in address and when it happens
  • a request to send all future correspondence to the new address from the date of the change
  • details of a new telephone number (optional)

A change of address letter is a letter that notifies friends, relatives and business contacts of your new address when you change home.

Issuing a formal letter is the best way to inform your business contacts of the change of address.

If you don't notify your bank, pension providers, credit cards etc of the change in address and note that the organisation has replied, acknowledging receipt, you could find yourself at worst, the victim of identity fraud or at the least inconvenienced by not being able to arrange deliveries or even credit.

Yes, this letter can be also be used if your business location changes. Sending this letter will ensure that clients and customers know where to find you.

Ask a lawyer if:

  • if you have been the victim of identity theft

Other names for Change of address letter

Letter for change of address, Change of address notice.