How to use RocketSign

Rocket Lawyer UK recently released RocketSign, a new feature for all members who are signed up to Rocket Lawyer. From now, members can upload any document to Rocket Lawyer to sign online, and use RocketSign to sign Rocket Lawyer’s customisable step-by-step documents.

This new tool is free to use for all members, making getting legal help, and getting contracts signed faster and more affordable than ever before. You can also ask on our network lawyers to review your own documents for you for a reasonable fixed fee.

In this blog I am going to show you how to use RocketSign to sign all your documents, not just the ones you make on Rocket Lawyer.


Step 1

Sign in or sign up for a Rocket Lawyer account, and click Add documents from your menu.

Step 2

Upload your document by choosing your file.

Step 3

You can start to add signatures at this step, or you can Ask a lawyer to review your document for you.

Step 4

Take a look at what types of things can add to your document eg initials, text boxes, signatures, and dates, and then tap “Thanks I got it”.

Step 5

Place your signature boxes.


Step 6

Then draw your own signature. You can also assign this signature to another person if you need to.

Step 7

Finally, send your invite to the other signer (or signees). You’ll get an email at every stage, including when all signatures are finished.

And you’re done!

If you need to change anything in the document you can always cancel the signing process.