Customer Stories – Meet Mary Aslett

Meet Mary Aslett, a Rocket Lawyer customer. Mary is an Everything DiSC® Certified Trainer and The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team ™ Accredited Facilitator. Her business Corporate Growth Consultancy specialises in workplace training to improve customer experience. The training courses available include training on conflict in the workplace and how to transform uncomfortable encounters into stronger relationships, coaching and mentoring for success, and management training.  

Mary says Rocket Lawyer is:

A fantastic, easy to use service which is very cost-effective. I highly recommend Rocket Lawyer. – Mary Aslett, 2018

What did you use Rocket Lawyer for?

I used Rocket Lawyer to update my privacy policy, and data security policy on my website prior to GDPR . I’ve also used it to create a fire risk assessment document and to create a new health and safety policy.

What does your business do?

Corporate Growth Consultancy has a number of training programmes which improve the skill sets of your employees and you as a leader. We are an authorised partner of EVERYTHING DiSC®, a transformational tool to help you understand yourself and others to elevate the effectiveness of communication and teamwork to create more productive workplaces. We are also a partner of THE FIVE BEHAVIOURS OF A COHESIVE TEAM™, which builds on results from EVERYTHING DiSC ® or Ally Types profile assessments. The result of these programmes is a cohesive and productive workforce.

Tell us about your experience using Rocket Lawyer.

I’ve used Rocket Lawyer to make a number of documents for my business. It’s a great service which I would recommend to anyone with a small business or consultancy.

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