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Overview of the Party wall agreement for repairs

For use in England and Wales only.

Protect yourself from dispute by recording agreed works on property shared with your neighbour using this party wall agreement. This straightforward party wall sets out clearly what improvements are needed, how the cost will be split and the completion date of the works. This party wall agreement can be used to set out building works to party property including, repairing boundary walls, excavating within six metres of neighbouring property and building new walls or buildings at the boundary


Use this party wall agreement:

  • when you need to carry out work to a shared boundary
  • when the boundary is a party wall and the works have been agreed with your neighbour
  • when you need to carry out works to other structures used in common with your neighbour, such as chimneys, sewers or drains
  • after the works have been agreed with your neighbour

This party wall agreement covers:

  • details of the work needed to the party wall or other structures used in common with your neighbour
  • how the cost of the works will be split
  • each party's responsibilities whilst the works are being carried out
  • a date for completion of the works

A party wall agreement is an agreement to record building works with a neighbour of a shared boundary to prevent any dispute when the works are carried out.

You will need a party wall agreement if you're going to carry out works to a shared boundary and the works have been agreed with your neighbour.

A party wall is a wall that stands on the land of two or more owners that can be part of a building or structure (eg a garden wall) or a wall on one person's land that is used by others.

Works that will require an agreement are those that demolish or rebuild the party wall, increase the height or thickness of a party wall, cut into or underpin the party wall.

Construction or alterations that involve work carried out (i) on a wall, floor or ceiling that are shared with another (ii) building on the boundary with another property (iii) any excavation within six meters of an adjoining building (iv) repairing a party wall or spouts, sewers, drains or troughs used with neighbouring properties need a party wall agreement.

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Ask a lawyer if:

  • you have not reached an agreement regarding the work
  • you need to send a party wall notice

Other names for Party wall agreement for repairs

Party wall contract.

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