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Revocation of power of attorney checklist

Make it Legal™ Checklist

Here are a few important steps to take to finish your document

Read the document to make sure it meets your needs and that as the Donor of the power of Attorney, you are quite certain that you wish to stop your Attorney acting as your attorney and that you wish to revoke the power.

Remember that if you have any questions about the document you can easily Ask a lawyer.

The revocation of power of attorney is a special type of contract called a "deed". This means it must be signed in a special way.

  1. Print out the revocation of power of attorney. You cannot sign online.

  2. You must sign the revocation of power of attorney in the presence of one witness.

  3. The witness must sign and add their name, address and occupation directly underneath your signature.

  4. Complete the revocation of power of attorney by writing the date in the space provided at the top of the document.

Make sure the Attorney is aware of the revocation in order to avoid them continuing to exercise their powers with the result that their actions could still be valid.

  • You must keep the original of the revocation of power of attorney in a safe place.

  • So that the original can be kept safely stored, it is a good idea to certify several copies for use. This means that a copy is confirmed by a qualified person - usually a solicitor - as a true copy of the original document. Certification can be provided by most solicitors for a small fee.

  • Keep one copy for yourself. If your bank or other financial institution has a copy of the power of Attorney, let them have a certified copy of the revocation so that they know not to deal with your Attorney any longer.

  • The Attorney should also receive their own copy of the revocation of power of attorney. If you need proof of service you might consider a service such as Royal Mail’s signed for First Class delivery.

  • If you’d like your revocation of power of attorney certified, Ask a lawyer.

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