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Employment contract checklist

Make it Legal™ Checklist

Here are a few important steps to take to finish your document

Read your document to make sure that it meets your needs. Make sure that everyone involved agrees with all of the provisions in your Employment Contract. Remember that, if you have any questions, you can easily Ask a lawyer for help.

The employer and the employee should sign an Employment Contract to demonstrate their commitment to the provisions it contains. You can sign your Employment Contract by either: 

Signing online

  1. You can sign online using RocketSign.

  2. You can send an email request inviting another person (ie your future employee) to sign too.

  3. If you chose to create a job description separately to your Employment Contract, send this to the employee separately (eg in a separate email). Clearly indicate what the document is and explain that it relates to the Employment Contract. 

Signing in print

  1. Print two copies of your Employment Contract - one for yourself and one for your employee.

  2. If you chose to create a job description separately to your Employment Contract, print this and attach it to the Contracts.

  3. Sign and date both copies.

  4. Send both copies to your future employee and ask them to date and sign them before returning one copy to you. The employee should keep the second copy for their records.

  5. The date of the Contract is the date on which you both signed the Contract if you did so on the same day. If you signed on different days, then the date of the Contract is the day that the last person signed.

A copy of your Employment Contract will be stored automatically in your Rocket Lawyer account ‘Dashboard’.

If you signed online, you should also download and securely store a copy of your signed Contract for your records. If you signed in print, you should securely store your paper copy of the signed Contract.

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