What’s it like to be on the Rocket Lawyer On Call panel?


Rocket Lawyer is a legal technology company that provides families and small business with legal help online. We help with legal documents and filings, and we work with a network of law firms to provide legal advice.

We are looking for lawyers and firms to join the Rocket Lawyer On Call panel. There are no membership fees to pay and you get to market your legal services to millions of our customers.

We’ve interviewed some of our current On Call lawyers to find out what their experience of being part of the Rocket Lawyer network is like:

Angela Lally of SSB

SSB specialises in Wills, Trust and Probate, Family law, Personal injury & Employment law

How long have you been working with Rocket Lawyer?

5 years

What made SSB want to join Rocket Lawyer’s On Call panel?

Joining the Rocket Lawyer On Call panel has meant that we have access to customers who may initially be wary of directly approaching us because of costs.

How has Rocket Lawyer helped your firm?

Rocket Lawyer has enabled us to grow our client base on a national level, and helped us to expand the services we offer.

How do you think technology is changing the legal industry?

Technology has meant that my clients can be anywhere in the world and I can have a face to face conversation with them via Skype, or contact them quickly via email. Technology has also allowed me to grow my client base outside of the local area.

Ian Freeman of Freeman Harris

Freeman Harris specialises in Immigration law, Family law, Personal injury claims & more.

How does Rocket Lawyer work with Freeman Harris?

Rocket Lawyer refers legal enquiries to us across a wide variety of areas including immigration, litigation and intellectual property.

We also partner with Rocket Lawyer to offer their customers a trade mark registration service at competitive rates.

What made Freeman Harries want to join Rocket Lawyer’s On Call panel?

Rocket Lawyer presented an opportunity for our firm to get legal enquiries which we can then turn into paying clients. It was the first of such service that approached us and we have developed a strong and long lasting relationship.

How has Rocket Lawyer helped your firm?

Rocket Lawyer has been helpful in launching our intellectual property department which focuses on trade mark registration. The online service was launched in 2015 and the initial enquiries/filings were generated through Rocket Lawyer.

What is your favourite type of Rocket Lawyer customer?

Our favourite type of Rocket Lawyer customer is someone who knows the service they require and whose enquiry is transactional in nature rather than information gathering.

How do you think technology is changing the legal industry?

As we launched our online trade mark registration service, our firm was aware of the use of technology in making legal services more efficient and easier to access. Increasingly, more law firms will use technology to improve different aspects of their services. The legal industry will see drastic changes led by technology in the coming years.

So if you think you’d like to work with us, email us today and we’ll get you up-and-running quickly!