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What is it like to be a paralegal at Rocket Lawyer?

Fancy working for a legal technology startup and using your legal knowledge and experience to make the law more affordable and simple for all? Apply for our open paralegal position and read this blog to find out about what life is like as a paralegal at Rocket Lawyer.

After graduating from law school, while most of my fellow graduates were applying to international law firms, I decided to knock at Rocket Lawyer’s door instead. Having experienced the corporate world before, I wanted to discover the fast-growing and exciting legal tech industry, hoping it could combine my passion for law with my interest for technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. Well I wasn’t disappointed.

Why would a law graduate join a legal technology company?

My interest in legal tech was born from a simple observation: in our fast-changing economy, where people require faster, simpler and cheaper services, it is vital that the legal sector evolves towards more accessible and affordable services. Law is present in literally every aspect of our society,  from setting up a business, to buying goods, or dealing with your property. And yet, most individuals do not have access to the legal help they need, either due to a lack of knowledge or money. I strongly believe that in order to adapt to people’s needs, legal professions need to embrace new technologies and take advantage of digital tools to enhance the delivery of legal services. And that’s what Rocket Lawyer is all about.

Rocket Lawyer’s mission is simple: changing the world by providing easy and affordable legal services for all. I decided to take part in this exciting project to find out who were these digital innovators that are shaping the future of law.

What’s a day of work like at Rocket Lawyer?

Rocket Lawyer works continuously on improving its services, creating new products and developing new tools. Therefore, there’s no routine at Rocket Lawyer, and the tasks assigned to me were unbelievably varied.

My tasks included for example:

  • Writing and publishing informative legal content for the website
  • Helping customers solve their legal issues
  • Drafting legal documents such as contracts, policies or letters
  • Providing legal support to the members of my team
  • Helping with marketing to develop search engine optimised content
  • Assisting with the promotion of Rocket Lawyer products

Rocket Lawyer puts great emphasis on employees’ creativity and initiative, and I got to work across all levels of the organisation, including the executive management team, marketing, product management, engineering and customer services.

What’s the work environment like?

Rocket Lawyer really is a great place to work as an intern. I got the chance to work with incredibly talented people, all fully committed to their work yet always friendly, respectful and positive. The members of my team were unbelievably welcoming, and I got all the help, training and mentoring I needed to succeed in my work. Also, jeans, sneakers and Pokemon hats are welcome in the workplace, as long as smart people wear them!

Joining the Rocket Lawyer family also means taking part in lots of social events, including pancake lunches, after work and bowling nights (I even had the chance to develop some solid karaoke skills, but I am afraid they’re not advanced enough for me to include them on my CV!).

Cherry on the cake, Rocket Lawyer UK is based in Shoreditch, so the coffee lover that I am could not have asked for a better location (except maybe for my wallet)!

What have you learned from your internship at Rocket Lawyer?

In only a few months, I developed extremely varied skills, in areas I would never have thought of. My legal expertise has broadened and deepened considerably, but I also developed knowledge in digital marketing, customer service or coding (yes, now I know how to edit a website in HTML, pretty impressive right?).

Most of all, my experience at Rocket Lawyer made me realise that law is about people, not paperwork and that easier access to law contributes towards changing the world for the better. By assisting people in the creation, incorporation and management of their business, Rocket Lawyer makes the life of entrepreneurs easier, allowing them to focus on their growth, which ultimately triggers innovation and economic progress.

If you’re looking to pursue a career different to the norm and to work in a fast-growing, innovative and thriving legal company, Rocket Lawyer is the place to be. Go for it, I am sure you’ll find an open door.