Rocket Lawyer customer feature

Tell us how Rocket Lawyer has helped you!

Over the last 5 years Rocket Lawyer UK has helped thousands of individuals and businesses with their legal issues. Rocket Lawyer members have made wills, business plans, privacy policies and tenancy agreements, asked thousands of legal questions and got discounted advice from On Call lawyers.

We want to know more! If you are a Rocket Lawyer member, we’d love to hear how Rocket Lawyer has helped with your legal issues. You could have started living with your partner and signed a cohabitation agreement, registered your first company, or got legal advice from an On Call lawyer; whatever you’ve used Rocket Lawyer for we want to know!

Please get in touch and tell us how Rocket Lawyer has helped you, and let us know if you’d like to feature your business on our blog to millions of our users!

Camilla Johnson

Camilla Johnson is the digital acquisition specialist for Rocket Lawyer UK. She has a law degree from Keele University, a post graduate diploma in professional legal practice and a diploma in digital marketing.