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Common Marriage Questions

Who legally owns our property once we’re married?

While most couples don’t immediately look into property rights after marriage there is a lot to consider. In most states, property owned by each individual before the marriage and bought individually will remain separate while property purchased together will be considered jointly owned. However, in community property states all new property is considered jointly owned—including income, debts, and any purchases. Only property that was individually owned prior to the marriage or gifted or inherited by a specific spouse remains separate.

How does marriage affect our taxes?

Marriage is a big financial decision in addition to a personal one, and taxes are no exception. The largest change you can expect is your filing status if you and your spouse choose to file a joint return. Filing jointly or separately will each allow for different deductions and costs—so it’s worth looking into both filings to determine what’s best for you.

What do we need to do to get a marriage license?

Your friends and family will undoubtedly expect a huge production complete with all the fanfare when you get married, however, chances are your state government is much less picky. Typically, all that is needed for a marriage license is a photo ID, birth certificate, and proof of citizenship or passport. In addition, if you have been previously married you will need to provide proof of divorce or annulment.

What rights do we get once we’re married?

Getting married confers a lot of legal benefits to you and your partner, including spousal benefits for Medicare, disability, veteran’s benefits, and Social Security. In addition, your spouse may also benefit from employer provided health insurance and medical or maternity leave.


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Wedding and Marriage Documents

Plan for the Future

Estate Planning Worksheet for Married People A great first step for newlyweds
Last Will and Testament Protect your family
Power of Attorney Allow your spouse make decisions for you

Protect Your Children

Power of Attorney for Child Ensure your children get care if you're out of town
Nanny Agreement Get a little help looking after your children
Child Care Authorization Give your caretaker permission

Plan Your Wedding

Bartending Contract Work for more than just tips
Catering Contract Set out the catering agreement up front
DJ Contract Spin records for pay

Prenups and Alerts

Prenuptial Agreement Work out hard details before you're married
Change of Address Letter Let important people know you've moved
Marriage Certificate Request Letter Get a copy of your marriage certificate
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