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Tying the Knot?

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Tying the Knot?

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What are the benefits of a micro-wedding?

Recently-married couples often say they regret not spending more time with family and close friends at their wedding. Micro-weddings free the couple from crowds and distractions to enjoy the time with the people who matter most to them. A small guest list enables couples to enjoy more moments with their guests. Smaller weddings also allow couples more freedom in selecting a ceremony location. A ceremony with just a few people expands location options while often saving money in the process. 

Wedding ceremonies are an intrinsic and vital part of the wedding day, but the thing that makes a wedding the most memorable for the guests is the reception. Saving money on the wedding ceremony can free up the budget for the reception to provide a great experience. 

Many couples take the savings from a smaller, less expensive wedding to treat themselves to an epic honeymoon, or to start a joint banking account. Couples that spend for a traditional or large wedding often look back on their wedding and wish the honeymoon was better funded, or that they had spent less in order to start saving for a down payment on their first home.

How much do micro-weddings save?

It could be a significant amount. The exact figure depends on several factors, including the total number of guests, the Venue Rental Agreement, as well as the personalized selections for catering, drinks, and more. A traditional wedding costs on average between $28,000 and $33,000. A micro-wedding can range from $1,600 for an elopement to $10,000 or more for a small ceremony and reception.

A wedding planner might be less expensive for a smaller wedding with less to organize. Caterers, bartenders, and even serving staff may charge less when serving a smaller guest list, particularly as these services often charge based on the number of guests. Couples can make sure that their contracts with vendors include rates that scale based on the number of guests.

Some vendors, however, may cost the same. DJ’s don’t typically discount their services since they are performing the same work regardless of attendance. Certain venues may also not adjust their rates based on number of guests.

Many couples who want to keep a wedding on budget can benefit from making a checklist that includes contracts and receipts for every transaction. Keeping all important documents and agreements in one place also reduces the planning stress while helping the wedding go off without a hitch.

What locations can host a more intimate wedding?

When the micro-wedding trend started, it led to many at-home weddings. An at-home wedding not only saves money, but it also delivers many conveniences over a typical venue.

Increasingly, micro-weddings are often held at restaurants, hotels, and other venues that were not previously considered due to their smaller size. Even public spaces, such as a city hall or public park, that require permits for a large wedding can be an easy and affordable option for a micro-wedding.

Many traditional venues also cater to micro-weddings by providing guests with a tremendous experience but on a smaller scale than a large wedding. This is particularly the case for destination weddings with a limited guest list.

How do I choose which guests to invite?

Whether a wedding is large or small, selecting the guest list is one of the most difficult tasks for couples. For a micro-wedding, it can be even more challenging. As a couple, you can talk to your friends and family members to explain that a small wedding is what you have chosen. 

One trend in the post-pandemic world has been very small ceremonies attended only by the wedding party, or immediate family, followed by a larger reception party open to more guests. The reception does not even have to be on the same day, or even for just one day. There are many different ways a couple can design a wedding experience to include all of the important people in their lives.

Many couples have found that the benefits of a micro-wedding strongly outweigh the negatives. The couple gets a chance to have a more personal wedding experience while saving money that can be used to start their life together, or fund their dream honeymoon.

If you have more questions about planning a micro-wedding or getting married, reach out to a Rocket Lawyer network attorney for affordable legal advice.

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