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What is an Affidavit of Marriage?

If you have a ring on your finger, but you've lost your marriage certificate, an Affidavit of Marriage can be used as evidence of your marriage. We'll help you legally swear to your married status with an Affidavit of Marriage.

When to use an Affidavit of Marriage:

  • You have received a request to verify, under oath, that your marriage is valid and you cannot locate your Marriage Certificate.

Sample Affidavit of Marriage

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Affidavit of Marriage


I hereby declare my name is . I am years old, am currently unemployed , and currently reside at , , .


I further certify that on in the City of , State of , Country of , I was legally and ceremonially married to .


All these I declare to the best of my knowledge and belief to be true, correct and complete.


_____________________________ ___________________________




STATE OF ss:, ss:


Affidavit of Marriage FAQs

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  • How do I get a Marriage Affidavit?

    Making an Affidavit of Marriage document with Rocket Lawyer is simple. Just choose your state, click on the Make Document button, and answer some questions. Rocket Lawyer will build a customized document just for you. Here are a few questions you may want to review before you start your document:

    • What is the Affiant's employment status? (You are the Affiant, the person making the Affidavit.) What is his/her job title?
    • When and where were the Affiant and the Spouse married?
    • Where will the person making the Affidavit (the Affiant) sign the document?

    Once started, your document can be saved and completed later.

  • What is a Marriage License Affidavit?

    An Affidavit of Marriage can be used as evidence of your marriage if you have received a request to verify, under oath, that your marriage is valid and you cannot locate your marriage certificate. Proof that your marriage is valid is often required when applying for a foreign visa or applying for certain accounts and insurance.

  • How do you write an Affidavit?

    With an Affidavit of Marriage, you are declaring that you were legally married to your spouse on a particular date. The Affidavit of Marriage serves as your sworn statement that you are legally married. You can also use this document if you are divorced, but still need to prove your former marriage.

Affidavit of Marriage document preview

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