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Bad weather derails wedding venue plans

Rain on your wedding day is good luck, right? That sentiment is not likely to cheer up a disappointed couple who planned a beautiful outdoor ceremony only to have storm clouds appear on the horizon. Since it is impossible to control the weather, you will need a plan in place to deal with the elements, especially for couples with planned outdoor ceremonies. 

Many outdoor wedding reception and ceremony sites have contingency scenarios. In fact, we recommend asking  what plans a venue has when searching for the best location. In many cases, the venue will have indoor shelter, tents, or some other solution. Make sure that the details of the plan are included in your Venue Rental Agreement

If you are not using a venue, you can make some of the same types of plans for yourself. For instance, you might try finding a local company that can deliver and set up tents and find out how long the process takes. If the weather report looks likely to throw shade on your wedding, you can always rent a shelter for the event. 

You don’t have enough time to meet vendors

Selecting the wrong vendor is a common problem that can lead to wedding day stress when it’s discovered that key details were missed. Not having time to meet with wedding vendors is a result of the busy lives we all lead. For many couples, there simply is not enough time to meet with all their vendors before the wedding day. This is where a wedding planner can really help bring your dream wedding to life. 

Hiring a wedding planner can alleviate so much stress, but it is essential to have a Wedding Planner Agreement in place. This contract covers the total budget, the expectations for the event, contact details, and the extent of the planner’s role. A great way to rid yourself of the stress of meeting with vendors is to give your wedding planner the ability to meet with them on your behalf.

It’s also important to make sure that the wedding planner you hire is using appropriate contracts with vendors. Most planners have standard contracts they use with vendors and you should inspect them, but it might also be important to provide your own to make sure that important details are clearly spelled out so everyone knows their responsibilities. This includes contracts for caterers, musicians, photographers, videographers, bartenders, and valets.

Your vendors don’t communicate well or make last minute changes

There are few things more stressful on your wedding day than vendors who don’t communicate or those who want to make big changes at the last minute. Couples that are handling vendors themselves can include detailed expectations about communications, budget, and deadlines for changes to protect against the stress this problem creates. 

Imagine planning your wedding around red roses, then finding out at the last minute that the florist decided to go with pink roses instead. That situation could be immensely stressful, but it can also be avoided by stating in the contract that the vendor will have financial penalties for changes that happen after a certain date or changes that were not approved by you. It is in your best interest to be specific and detailed when making an agreement with a vendor. A solid contract is the best place to start.

Your friend drops the ball with wedding planning and prep

How many Rom-Com films have relied on this as the main plot? Unfortunately, this problem is not just a common comedic gag in the movies, because it also happens in real life. It can be tempting to have friends or relatives take over planning and preparation for certain aspects of your wedding, but unless your friend is a professional wedding planner, it is safer to hire an experienced professional. 

Still, some couples want to involve close personal relations to give them a feeling of being special on the wedding day. Just like with any vendor, if you hire a friend, friend of a friend, or family member, it is a good idea to have a contract in place. This might seem silly at first, but friendships are irreparably damaged over wedding snafus every year. A professional and detailed contract that sets expectations is a good idea, even if your wedding planner has been your best friend since kindergarten. 

Key people and vendors are late on the big day

OK, we will admit that it probably is not appropriate to have a future mother-in-law sign a contract that she will be on time and pleasant, but you should make sure that your DJ, photographer, and officiant are on time. It is not good enough to just let these parties know what time the event begins. The DJ contract, for instance, can state what time they are expected to be on site and the reduction in the fee if the person is late. 

One of the really valuable things about the wedding rehearsal process is that it reinforces the times and locations for the wedding party, making it less likely that participants will be late. Make sure that you take the time to have a conversation with everyone who has a role in the ceremony so they know what is expected of them on the big day. You can also give your wedding planner contact information so they can help keep the wedding party on track.

These hacks can help prevent the worst problems from materializing on your special day. Starting things off with a stress-free wedding ceremony and reception makes for a great beginning to a story about happily ever after, doesn’t it? Couples that hold vendors responsible through contracts and lean on a wedding planner to keep everything on track will enjoy a more relaxed wedding day, celebrating with friends and family and making lasting memories.

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