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Start Your Prenuptial Agreement

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Start Your Prenuptial Agreement

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Ask well in advance — at least six months, and the more in advance the better.

The time right before your wedding can be a very stressful period. Don't add to the stress by asking for a prenup too late. Ask your spouse at least six months before your wedding date. Some Prenuptial Agreements may be challenged as invalid if they are drawn up and signed within 30 days of the wedding. This short notice may be argued as coercion. 

Plan where and when you are going to talk to your spouse about the prenup. 

Don't choose a public place, as this type of discussion may lead to strong emotions and arguments. Explain in a calm manner how your spouse will also benefit from the Prenuptial Agreement. Be ready for the reaction of "Don't you trust me?" 

Think about creating the agreement together.

If you make the process of creating the Prenuptial Agreement a shared experience, the value of the document will not be one-sided. Using a legal service like Rocket Lawyer allows you to work together to create your Prenuptial Agreement by clicking through an interview and answering questions to create the legal form automatically. You can work at your own speed in a comfortable place, rather than the charged environment of an attorney's office. Choosing this method will reduce stress and save a lot on legal fees. 

Suggest getting a mediator if the discussion does not go well.

If your spouse-to-be reacts in a bad way or refuses to sign a Prenuptial Agreement, consider getting a mediator to step in. Visiting a relationship counselor, member of the clergy or even an attorney may help. A meditator may be able to explain the practical reasons for having a Prenuptial Agreement in place.

Fully discuss your financial situation.

Assets and debts that are not revealed before the signing of a Prenuptial Agreement may invalidate the agreement later on. You and your spouse-to-be might, therefore, consider being fully transparent about your financial situations during the creation of the agreement.

Don't forget to sign the agreement.

Both you and your betrothed will need to sign the agreement voluntarily and without pressure. You may need to sign before a notary depending on your state's laws and requirements. Before you sign, you may want to have a lawyer check the document to make sure you haven't forgotten anything. With an affordable Rocket Lawyer membership, you can both create the agreement and get your questions answered by a lawyer on any device. 


If you can get through this, you'll get through the wedding just fine!

What if you are on the receiving end of a Prenuptial Agreement? We've got you covered with answers to your questions about reviewing and signing a Prenuptial Agreement.

This article contains general legal information and does not contain legal advice. Rocket Lawyer is not a law firm or a substitute for an attorney or law firm. The law is complex and changes often. For legal advice, please ask a lawyer.

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