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Legal Lessons from Mad Men: Infographic

So your colleague drives a lawnmower through your office Christmas party with terrible consequences? Your boss pours a whiskey, neat, and takes a nap in his cubicle? Coworkers exchange cash bribes for taking on secret extra projects? If you’re a character in the hit series, Mad Men, it’s all in a day’s work.

Surely, most jobs aren’t this gossip-worthy. You probably watch Mad Men to escape your everyday gig, a glamorous retreat into another world. But if Sterling Cooper Draper Price were a real workplace, there would be enough shenanigans in each 47-minute-long episode to send a real HR manager packing, and keep an entire law firm busy for years.

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Since real-life legal drama in the workplace isn’t fun, we broke down five of Season five’s most egregious antics in the infographic above, and their legal consequences in the modern workplace. So soak up the glamour from Mad Men, but let us help you with the legal side of things.

Special thanks to employment attorney Lori Nevias, a member of the Rocket Lawyer On Call® network, who contributed to this infographic.

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