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Other Names: Business Emergency Plan
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What is an Emergency Action Plan?

An Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is a policy document that outlines employer and employee actions during workplace emergencies. Emergency Action Plans help businesses can help keep employees safe, minimize confusion, and mitigate further risks and damages during an emergency by ensuring that employees are informed of the proper procedures to take when an emergency happens. 
This Emergency Action Plan will cover essential elements, such as evacuation procedures and workplace emergency escape route assignments, procedures to account for all employees after an emergency evacuation has been completed, and means of reporting fires and other workplace emergencies. 
Regardless of if you are being proactive, or need to make a plan for risk mitigation, insurance or legal reasons, emergencies can happen at any time and confusion during an unexpected emergency can make a situation worse so make an Emergency Plan for your business.

When to use an Emergency Action Plan:

  • You are an employer who is required to document emergency procedures.
  • You are an employer who wants to outline safety guidelines during emergencies.

Sample Emergency Action Plan

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Emergency Action Plan (EAP)






Company Contact(s):




Phone Number:





In the event of an emergency, employees are alerted by:


• An alarm bell/buzzer

The emergency signal for each emergency will be as follows:




In the event of an emergency, employees shall evacuate: . After an emergency evacuation, employees will gather: . The procedure for accounting for all employees after an emergency evacuation will be: .




Call medical emergency personnel:


• Paramedics

• Ambulance

• Fire Department

• Other


Provide the following information:


• Nature of medical emergency,

• Location of the emergency (address, building, room number), and

• Your name and phone number from which you are calling.


• Stop the bleeding with firm pressure on the wounds



When the fire is discovered:


If a fire is reported, pull the fire alarm, (if available and not already activated) to warn occupants to evacuate. Then Dial 911 to alert the fire department. Provide the following information:


• Business name and street address

• Nature of fire

• Fire location (building and floor)

• Type of fire alarm (detector, pull station, sprinkler waterflow)

• Location of fire alarm (building and floor)

• Name of person reporting fire

• Telephone number for return call


Fire Extinguisher Policy



Upon being notified about the fire emergency, occupants must:


• Leave the building using the designated escape routes.

• Assemble in the designated area: .

• Remain outside until the competent authority announces that it is safe to re-enter.


Evacuation Procedures


• Evacuate building along evacuation routes to primary assembly areas outside.

• Redirect building occupants to stairs and exits away from the fire.

• Prohibit use of elevators.

• Evacuation team to account for all employees and visitors at the Assembly Area.




Employee and Supervisor Responsibilities


If you are an employee with a disability, there are critical steps you should take to help ensure that you will be safe during an emergency. First, inform your supervisor if you require assistance in the event of an evacuation. Second, work with your supervisor to develop a plan to ensure your safe evacuation in the event of an emergency. If you do not wish to share your needs with your supervisor, you should review the procedures to be followed in an emergency situation affecting your assigned facility and familiarize yourself with your evacuation route and assembly area.


If you are a supervisor, you are responsible for reviewing your facility's EAP with all employees under your supervision, including those with disabilities, to ensure that each employee clearly understands procedures that must be followed during an emergency event. Be proactive in developing emergency plans to meet the needs of employees with a disability. You should also include your employees with disabilities in the decision-making process when selecting special equipment and developing evacuation procedures in collaboration with your building managers.




Options for disability evacuation include:


• Shelter in Place–Take immediate shelter at the designated location.

• Evacuation Chair or Other Assistive Device–An evacuation chair or escape chair is a lightweight wheelchair used to evacuate a physically disabled person from an area of danger, such as a burning building. The chair is designed to allow an attendant to transfer the person downstairs more safely than could be done with a normal wheelchair. Such chairs may be folded to a small size and stowed in much the same manner as other firefighting equipment such as fire hoses and fire extinguishers.

• Two-person Carry–This is a way to carry a person to safety with the assistance of a partner. The two assistants link arms to form a backrest and grip wrists to form a seat.


Please remember, when making decisions regarding the best way to evacuate individuals with disabilities from your building, you should work closely with your local emergency response personnel and their safety specialists.




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