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Other Names: Child Care policy Statement Day Care Mission Statement
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What is a Day Care Policy Statement?

Whether you're opening a new day care facility, managing one, or just trying to get your day care's documents in order, a Day Care Policy Statement is a useful way to state the guidelines by which your child care facility will operate. Parents who wish to use your services can learn about your specific policies. 
With a Day Care Policy Statement, you can provide a range of details about your day care, including: the philosophy/mission statement of your day care, your personal background and qualifications, the age and number of children accepted, hours of operation, fees, holiday and vacation times, program activities, meals, toilet training, naps and rest time, and medical care. In detailing your policies, it is best to ensure that you have (or can get) the necessary supplies, equipment, staff, and facilities to implement them. Your state and local governments may have various laws and regulations in place that you must follow. The Day Care Policy Statement does not address all possible laws and regulations, so you should consult your state and local child care regulations to make sure that your policies are consistent with them.

When to use a Day Care Policy Statement:

  • You manage a day care but there's no uniform policy in place.
  • You're opening a new day care.

Sample Day Care Policy Statement

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Philosophy/Mission Statement


The purpose of 's facility is to


Personal Background/Qualifications


Child care will be provided by the following individual(s) with the following qualifications:




Age and Number of Children Accepted


will care for a maximum of children. This number is based on the .


provides care for children between the ages of and years. as follows:


Hours of Operation


will accept children from to , .


Evening and weekend



adjust child care fees for late arrival, early pickup, or missed days.

Fees for Full-Time Child Care:


Child care fees for full-time prescheduled child care are per . Full-time child care is defined to be or more hours per .


Parents may vary part-time child care hours if advance notice is provided to . The registration fee is nonrefundable and is not applied to any child care fees.

Fees for Unscheduled Child Care:


Child care fees for any unscheduled hours are per week, or if less than 1 week, are per day, or if less than 1 day, are per hour.



Parents must pay child care fees on or before the day of each . Payments may be made by .


If a check is returned unpaid, all future payments by the parent must be made in cash. minute


The first of enrollment in is considered a "trial period." Child care may be terminated by either the provider or the parent during this trial period without advance notice. The first of enrollment in 's facility is considered a "trial period." Child care may be terminated by either the provider or the parent during this trial period without advance notice.

care may be terminated by the provider or the parent only by providing the other party with advance written notice.


Holidays, Vacations, Miscellaneous Closings


provide child care on The child care fees will be reduced proportionately


's facility will be closed for the provider's vacation on the following days: The child care fees The child care fees will be reduced proportionately for the days during which is closed.

The parent must provide with advance written notice of expected family vacations. The child care fees be adjusted for the time period that a child does not attend because of a family vacation.


Program Activities


A child will not be allowed to participate in a field trip unless the parent has signed a permission form.

At various times, may structure excursions, such as walks, bike rides, or car trips with the children.




Meal times are as follows:


These meals will be served by .


provide meals for children with special dietary needs.


However, the parent should first initiate the training at home. It is helpful if parents do not drop off or pick up their child during scheduled nap times.



The parent is responsible for providing the following items to for the benefit of the child whenever reasonably requested by :


If the parent has failed to supply the item within a reasonable period of time, then may purchase the item and charge the parent for the reasonable cost of the item.

will be responsible for providing the following items:


Sick Child Policy



This policy applies to the following symptoms:


The parent is expected to inform of any illness or problem of a child that might affect other children at the child care facility.


be adjusted for the days that a sick child does not attend the child care facility. reduced by % for each full day the child is absent.


All medications must be in the original container with the child's name on it.


Emergency telephone numbers are posted at each telephone. will explain the rules of the child care facility to all children under his/her care, as appropriate. When a child understands the rules but chooses not to follow the rules, then may discipline the child using age-appropriate techniques, which consist of the following: If is temporarily unable to provide child care services due to circumstances beyond his/her reasonable control, may, but has no obligation to, arrange for a substitute child care provider with qualifications similar to the provider's. will use his/her best efforts to provide parents with reasonable advance notice of the need for such substitute care, the name of the substitute provider, and the hours that the substitute will provide care. To ensure the safety of the children attending the child care facility, has established the following procedures for the pickup of a child from his/her facility: Parents are welcome to visit the child care facility at any time during which child care is providedwilling

will carry out his/her obligation to report all suspected cases of child abuse and/or neglect to the proper authorities.
Day Care Policy Statement document preview

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