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Marriage can be one of life's most exciting adventures. Whether you're a newbie at this whole thing or if you've been down this road before, figuring out the legal details early on allows you to just tie that knot and enjoy this exciting time.

There are a number of basic marriage legal forms that can help smooth out the transition from single life to matrimony. For starters, before teaming up with your partner a prenuptial agreement form can help clear up who's responsible for which bills and how the finances break down. And if you're taking on your partner's name, a name change notification letter helps spread the good news to employers and others.

After the wedding you might still have questions when applying for credit or buying property together, and for the more detailed matters, you might want to speak with an attorney. But on your own you can use simple forms like a personal financial statement for credit applications and estate planning, or a marriage certificate request letter if you misplace the original. To protect you and your partner through the stages of life, a last will and testament can ensure that everyone is taken care of down the road.

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