Business service contracts

Business contracts for consultants, freelance workers and small business owners.
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Make contracts for business services FAQs

Making a service contract is simple and can include much more than just payment terms. A Business Contract can also include protections for the buyer and seller such as Confidentiality Agreements, indemnification and dispute resolution requirements.

Where can I find business contract templates?

You can find business contract templates and samples on this website. We provide customizable business contracts for nearly any type of business. You simply enter in a bit of information such as your business name, payment terms, dates and so on. The document automatically generates the required legal language. The contracts are suitable for any state. Contracts can be shared and signed online. Service contracts can also be downloaded as a Word or PDF file for printing. Once you build one contract, you can easily edit it later for another client.

How do I write a business contract?

Writing a business contract is not difficult. We can guide you through the process easily. Before sitting down to make your contract, you'll need the following information:

  • Contact information for all parties (those signing)
  • Payment amount, payment terms, late fee and due dates
  • Contract start and end dates
  • Description of product to be delivered or service

You'll also be able to relate information about what happens if a contract is broken and how disputes should be handled.

Can I sue for payment without a contract?

Yes, you can. However, it is better to have a contract. If you don't have a written contract, a verbal agreement will often hold up in court. You should try to handle the issue out of court if you can. Going to court, even if you win, may be costly. You can start the process by sending a Demand for Money Owed letter. If you need to file with the courts, you may be able to file for a Mechanics Lien and take them to small claims court.

Mechanics Lien

Contractors or service providers often use this type of lien. Dissimilar from what the name implies, it is not just for mechanics. A Mechanic's Lien can be a lien against property that you either possess or not. For example, if you fixed someone's guitar and the person doesn't pay, you may be able to hold the guitar until they pay (possession). If you remodeled a client's bathroom and they do not pay the lien, it may be against the property completed (non-possession). How you file by state varies and there usually is a limited time that you can apply. Ask a lawyer how to file a Mechanic's Lien in your state.

Small claims court

If your case is under the monetary threshold, you can file with your local small claims court. Your local courthouse website should explain the parameters of what cases can be filed with the small claims court. You'll need to file your claim with the local court or the county clerk. They will explain to you the claim process. When you attend court, make sure you bring evidence that supports your case such as receipts, copies and emails and phone conversations.