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You might not know what an affidavit is, but you've probably signed a few already. An affidavit is basically a way to verify the truth of something. When you sign one, you're taking an oath that what the affidavit says is true.

Affidavits often come into play in court when witnesses can't appear in person, but there are many common affidavit forms you might need for personal reasons, like when you lose official documents and certificates and need a workaround. For example, an affidavit of birth verifies your birth if you lose your birth certificate. An affidavit of support form comes in handy when you have a relative moving to the U.S. from another country. It declares that you're financially responsible for them until they get on their own two feet, and an ID theft affidavit helps protect you from charges run up on your account. From marriage to residence to name change, affidavits provide sworn verification for a wide range of topics.

For all the particulars on affidavits, check out some of the articles below. Also, if you're unsure about signing an affidavit form you might want to consider seeking professional help. We're happy to help you find a lawyer if you feel like you need a second opinion.

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