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Other Names: Financial Support Affidavit
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What is an Affidavit of Financial Support?

An Affidavit of Financial Support is a legal document that can be used to legally confirm one's financial situation. In some court cases or business transactions, you'll need to provide information about your finances. Also called a Financial Affidavit of Support, this document allows you to detail your income, expenses, assets, and debts for the record. In your Affidavit, you'll want to cover information like: the name of the affiant (that is, the person making the affidavit); a list of all sources of income; the name of the affiant's employer, and if unemployed, what efforts the affiant has made to find employment; the monthly deductions from the affiant's salary or wages (for example: Medicare payments, income taxes, child support, health insurance, and retirement contributions); the average monthly household expenses; any debts owed by the affiant; and a list of assets that the affiant owns or has some interest in.

When to use an Affidavit of Financial Support:

  • A court or business has request confirmation of your financial situation.

Sample Affidavit of Financial Support

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Affidavit of Financial Support


I, , being sworn, certify that the following information is true:


I am unemployed.



1. Gross Monthly Income from All Sources

Source Description Income              



2. Total Present Monthly Deduction

Federal, State, and Local income tax:

FICA or self-employment taxes:

Medicare payments:

Mandatory union dues:

Mandatory retirement payments:

Health insurance payments:

Child Support:




Present Net Monthly Income:



3. Average Monthly Expenses

Household Expenses

Expense Description Average Cost




Lender Description Total Debt Monthly Payment



4. Assets Owned by the Parties

Asset Description Value



5. Summary

Total Present Monthly Net Income:

Total Monthly Expenses:

Total Assets:



Oath or Affirmation:

I certify under penalty of perjury that I know the contents of this Affidavit signed by me and that the statements are true and correct.




______________________________ ______________________________



STATE OF ss:, ss:


Affidavit of Financial Support FAQs

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  • Can I create an Affidavit of Financial Support Form online for free?

    It is very easy to get what you need using a free Affidavit of Financial Support template from Rocket Lawyer:

    1. Make your Affidavit - Answer a few questions and we will do the rest
    2. Send or share it - Discuss the document with a lawyer, if needed
    3. Sign it - Sign your Affidavit and make it legal

    Any Affidavit of Financial Support Form from Rocket Lawyer can be fully customized for your particular scenario. To get started, you can tap or click on the "Make document" button. Your Affidavit will be assembled piece by piece as you provide more information.

  • Do I need an attorney for my Affidavit of Financial Support?

    Making an Affidavit of Financial Support is typically simple; however, you may have legal questions. Getting a second opinion on your document could take a long time if you do it alone. Another approach worth consideration is to go through attorney services at Rocket Lawyer. Rocket Lawyer Premium members have the ability to ask for a document review from an attorney with relevant experience or send other questions. As always, you can Live Confidently® knowing that Rocket Lawyer is by your side.

  • How much would I normally have to pay to make an Affidavit of Financial Support?

    The cost of hiring and working with an attorney to produce an Affidavit of Financial Support can total anywhere between $200 and $1,000, depending on where you are and how complex it might be. When you use Rocket Lawyer, you aren't just filling out an Affidavit template. If you ever need support from a lawyer, your Rocket Lawyer membership offers up to a 40% discount when you hire an attorney.

  • Am I required to do anything else after drafting my Affidavit of Financial Support?

    Upon finishing your Affidavit on Rocket Lawyer, you will have the ability to review it on any device. Feel free to engage with the document in any of these ways: editing it, saving it as a Word or PDF document, printing it out, or signing it. Attached alongside each Affidavit of Financial Support Form, there also is a series of tips to follow while finalizing your document.

  • Does an Affidavit of Financial Support Form need to be notarized or witnessed?

    Yes, an Affidavit of Financial Support Form requires notarization. Witnesses are not required by law.

Affidavit of Financial Support document preview

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