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Recruiting and hiring

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Recruit and hire employees FAQs

  • How do pre-employment drug tests work in recreational marijuana states?

    While many states have passed medical and recreational marijuana laws, using marijuana is still illegal by federal law. Additionally, certain jobs may require that employees refrain from legal and illicit substances for optimal performance. You can require that employees take pre-employment and post-employment drug tests; however, you should communicate testing requirements clearly before and after hiring. In most cases, testing is limited to heavily regulated positions such as truck drivers and pilots. Most include testing information in the employee handbook and require the employee to sign in agreement with the company policies. Some have claimed workplace discrimination when being reprimanded for medical marijuana use, so you need to be careful about testing requirements. To help you navigate your state's marijuana laws, you may benefit from consulting with an employment lawyer.

  • Should I hire remote workers?

    Nowadays, some companies do not even have an office. Everyone works remotely and they may get together a few times per year, often just team building. It is predicted that, in the near future, many workers will work from home. Advances in technology have negated the need for employees to work from the same location. Hiring remote workers also usually reduces costs for the company and the employee.

    Benefits of hiring remote workers:

    • You can hire the best talent regardless of where they live.
    • Operating costs (internet, computers, office supplies) are usually less.
    • Often fewer sick days are taken by those that can work from home.
    • Stress levels may be lowered by eliminating long, daily commutes.
    • Employees save money and may opt for a lower salary.
    • Some studies show a lower turnover rate.
    • Performance becomes more important than "hours in the seat."
    • You may be able to create a more diverse team and work across time zones.
    • You can save money by hiring people who live in areas with a low cost of living.

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