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Looking to recruit a talented new employee? Find the perfect candidate by using a Job Posting Template. You can outline the position's requirements and duties, making it easier and faster to find... Read more

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Making a Job Posting Template

  • What is a Job Posting Template?

    Looking to recruit a talented new employee? Find the perfect candidate by using a Job Posting Template. You can outline the position's requirements and duties, making it easier and faster to find well-suited candidates. The sooner you know what you're looking for, the sooner you can hire the right person for the job and get back to business.

  • How do I create a Job Posting Template?

    Use the Rocket Lawyer Job Posting Template if:

    • You're an employer and you'd like to notify prospective employees that you are looking to hire for a certain job position in your company.
    • Your company wants to solicit job applications from qualified applicants (including employees, contractors, or freelancers), and you need to establish the specific qualifications for the position.

    Once you've outlined what you're looking for, you can use the Job Posting Template to create a job post that includes all of the basic information a job seeker would need to understand the position you have open and how to apply. You can then list the job post on a job board, with an agency, or in a public forum.

  • What should be included in an effective job post?

    An effective job post should give potential applicants a sense of the nature of the position you are seeking to fill, including the duties, responsibilities, and required qualifications.

    The job post you create using the Job Posting Template may include details such as:

    • The specific title and nature of the job
    • How many positions are available
    • The name and address of your business
    • The range of salary being offered
    • The qualifications required for the job (such as education, work experience, licensing, competencies, and skill sets)
    • A description of the position's responsibilities and expectations
    • The last day you'll accept applications, if applicable
    • Where applicants should direct any questions about the listing

    You may also indicate whether applicants should include a cover letter, resume, references or background check, and whether those documents can be attached to the listing or if they need to be sent to a separate email address.

  • How do I list the salary on a job post?

    There are different schools of thought on how to reveal the salary for a given open position. What you reveal may depend on what your company or business has done in the past, what is common practice in your particular industry or for a particular type of position, and how competitive the market is for that position. You have several different options for listing a salary on a job post, and they include:

    • Not listing a salary and saving that discussion for a later time.
    • Posting a salary range based on experience.
    • Advertising a lower salary in the hopes of attracting applicants who are interested in the job and not just the high salary. You can always make an offer higher than the listed amount if you find the right candidate.
    • List the highest possible salary your company is willing to pay, but using the phrase "up to." This way, potential candidates will have a general idea of the range, and in a highly competitive market it may make the position more desirable.
    • Similar to not listing a salary, you could simply write "TBD" (To Be Determined) or "DOE" (Depends on Experience), letting candidates know that the salary will be determined based on various factors, including the candidate's experience, during the course of the hiring process.
  • How long should a job posting be?

    The length of your job posting is going to depend on the position. Based on studies that have been done on clicks per posting, a good general rule of thumb is somewhere between 250 and 750 words. If you are posting a technical position, such as in the education or legal fields, something around 1,000 or more words might be more appropriate.

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