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OTHER NAMES Job Application Employment Application Form Application for Employment Form

What is an Employment Application?

An employment application can help you easily sort applicants and decide who you may want to interview for open positions at your company. You don't have to reinvent the wheel to create a Job Application. Using our Employment Application template, you can create a usable application within minutes.

When to use an Employment Application:

  • You want to determine a prospective employee's qualifications for a position.
  • You want to compare several applicants for a position.
  • You want to learn about an applicant's qualifications in preparation for an interview.

Sample Employment Application

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Please complete the entire application.


. Employer Information


City/State/ZIP: ,  


It is the policy of to provide equal employment opportunities to all applicants and employees without regard to any legally protected status such as race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability or veteran status.


. Applicant Information


Applicant Full Name:
Applicant Full Name: ___________________________________________
Home Address: ___________________________________________
City/State/ZIP: ___________________________________________
Number of years at this address: _________
Daytime phone: ____________________ Evening phone: ____________________
Mobile phone: ____________________
Social Security Number: ___________________________
Driver's License (State/Number): ___________________________


. Emergency Contact


Who should be contacted if you are involved in an emergency?

Contact Name: ___________________________________________
Relationship to you: ___________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________
City/State/ZIP: ___________________________________________
Daytime phone: ____________________ Evening phone: ____________________


. Job Position Applied For: Job Position Applied For: ____________________________________
Full or Part Time? ____________________________________


. Salary Desired: $ ____________ per ____________


. Who referred you to our company? ______________________________________
Do you have any friends or relatives who work here? If yes, please list here:


. Have you applied to our company previously? ______ Yes ______ No
If yes, when? ________________________


. Are you at least 18 years old? ______ Yes ______ No


. How will you get to work? _____________________________________
. Are you willing to work any shift, including nights and weekends? _____ Yes _____ No

If no, please state any limitations:



. If applicable, are you available to work overtime? _____ Yes _____ No


. If you are offered employment, when would you be available to begin work?



. If hired, are you able to submit proof that you are legally eligible for
employment in the United States? _____ Yes _____ No
. Are you able to perform the essential functions of the job position you seek with
or without reasonable accommodation? ______ Yes ______ No


What reasonable accommodation, if any, would you request?



. Applicant's Skills


Check those skills that you have. List any other skills that may be useful for the job you are seeking. List any skills that may be useful for the job you are seeking. Enter the number of years of experience, and circle the number which corresponds to your ability for each particular skill. (One represents poor ability, while five represents exceptional ability.)




Skill Years of Experience Rating
[ ] Typing __________________ 1 2 3 4 5
[ ] Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, etc.) __________________ 1 2 3 4 5
[ ] Accounting/Bookkeeping __________________ 1 2 3 4 5
[ ] Answering telephones __________________ 1 2 3 4 5
[ ] Filing __________________ 1 2 3 4 5
[ ] Customer service __________________ 1 2 3 4 5
[ ] __________________ 1 2 3 4 5
____________________________ __________________ 1 2 3 4 5
____________________________ __________________ 1 2 3 4 5


. Applicant Employment History


List your current or most recent employment first. Please list all jobs (including self-employment and military service) which you have held, beginning with the most recent, and list and explain any gaps in employment. If additional space is needed, continue on the back page of this application.


Employer Name: ___________________________________________
Supervisor Name: ___________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________
City/State/ZIP: ___________________________________________
Job Duties: ___________________________________________
Reason for Leaving: ___________________________________________
Dates of Employment (Month/Year): _____________________________


Employer Name: ___________________________________________
Supervisor Name: ___________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________
City/State/ZIP: ___________________________________________
Job Duties: ___________________________________________
Reason for Leaving: ___________________________________________
Dates of Employment (Month/Year): _____________________________


Employer Name: ___________________________________________
Supervisor Name: ___________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________
City/State/ZIP: ___________________________________________
Job Duties: ___________________________________________
Reason for Leaving: ___________________________________________
Dates of Employment (Month/Year): _____________________________


. Applicant's Education and Training


College/University Name and Address


Did you receive a degree? ______ Yes _____ No If yes, degree(s) received: ___________


High School/GED Name and Address


Did you receive a degree? ______ Yes _____ No


Other Training (graduate, technical, vocational):



Please indicate any current professional licenses or certifications that you hold:



Awards, Honors, Special Achievements:



Military Service:

______ Yes  _____ No  

Branch: ___________________________________________
Specialized Training: ___________________________________________


. References


List any two non-relatives who would be willing to provide a reference for you.


Name: ___________________________________
Address: ___________________________________
City/State/ZIP: ___________________________________
Telephone: _______________________
Relationship: _______________________


Name: ___________________________________
Address: ___________________________________
City/State/ZIP: ___________________________________
Telephone: _______________________
Relationship: _______________________


. Please provide any other information that you believe should be considered, including whether you are bound by any agreement with any current employer:




I certify that the information provided on this application is truthful and accurate. I understand that providing false or misleading information will be the basis for rejection of my application, or if employment commences, immediate termination.


I authorize to contact former employers and educational organizations regarding my employment and education. I authorize my former employers and educational organizations to fully and freely communicate information regarding my previous employment, attendance, and grades. I authorize those persons designated as references to fully and freely communicate information regarding my previous employment and education.







____________________________________ _______________


Employment Application Checklist



Make It Legal™

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___Sign this document. This document needs to be signed by the applicant.


___Everyone gets a copy. The applicant and the employer named in the document should receive a copy of the signed document.



Important Details


Laws governing employment are very specific regarding what's legal to ask on an employment application or during a job interview. It's essential to be familiar with these laws when going through the process of hiring new employees.

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Employment Application FAQs

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  • When should I use an Employment Application?

    • You are hiring and want to try to find the best new employees for your company.

    We crafted our Job Applications to not include questions that may be illegal to ask in your state. For example, in most areas, you cannot ask about personal relationships and in states like California you cannot ask about salary history. If you don't know your local hiring laws, you can ask a lawyer to review your application to ensure it is compliant.

  • What is included in an Employment Application?

    If you know what you are looking for in a candidate, you should be able to make an Employment Application easily. Our applications can be made, saved and shared online. You can also print copies if you want to hand them out in-person.

    Information you can include in your Job Applications using our forms:

    Basic contact information: For your company, applicant, emergency contracts and references. The application includes spaces for social security and driver's license numbers; however, you may choose to ask for that information further into the hiring process.

    Work availability: What hours they are available to work, when they can start and if they are willing to work overtime. Also asks about eligibility and accommodations.

    Skills and education: You can list the skills required or they can list their own skills. It includes spaces for high school, training and university credits.

    Employment history: Asks for basic job information as well as duties and reason for leaving. For the most part, this application is intended for entry-level or hourly employees. Most companies looking for mid-career or C-level employees are going to ask for more detailed information along with an online portfolio, cover letter and resume.

  • How do I write a good job description?

    To attract the kind of applicants you want, you'll need to start with an excellent job description. In most cases, job descriptions are posted online so you need to carefully think about what kind of search terms you may need to include. At the minimum most include: job title, job duties, expected skills and qualifications, salary and benefits, and company information.

    To help protect your brand and company culture when creating your job description, try to avoid:

    Vagueness or Slang
    Try to use precise plain language in your job titles and descriptions. Some might be offended or put off by job titles like "UX Design Guru" and job seekers will get better results using search tools if you use more precise terms. Try simply, "User Experience (UX) Designer" instead and then follow that with a simple to understand job description.

    Unconscious bias or discrimination
    You may accidentally include gender slanted words such as salesman, busboy or front desk girl. Instead try to use terms such as looking for someone to join our sales team, bus person or front desk team member. Using this type of language can help you avoid discrimination issues.

    Negativity and aggressiveness
    Even if you have had bad experiences in the past, try to avoid negative language such as "MUST HAVE ABILITY TO TRAVEL OR YOU WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED." These types of statements are aggressive and put people off almost instantly. Instead just ask them what percentage of their time they are willing to travel.

    When you are finished check your job description using a grammar checker and ask another person (human resource specialist if you have one) to read it before you post it. Typos and improper word usage could detract qualified candidates from your company.

  • What can employers not ask in a job interview?

    Local laws vary, but there are a few things you most likely are not allowed to or should not ask in a job interview. If you are not sure, check with an attorney or your HR department. You'll want to keep your questions directly related to the job and whether the candidate is a suitable fit.

    You cannot, except in special circumstances, ask about:

    • Family status such as number of children, marital status or pregnancy.
    • Race, national origin or citizenship. If you choose to hire, you can ask for proof of ability to work in the U.S. when filling out W4s.
    • Religion or creed. While some may volunteer information about their associations, you shouldn't ask about it.
    • Sex, gender identity or sexual orientation.
    • Disability. However, if you do hire them you may need to provide reasonable accommodations.
    • Age. Only ask age if there is a minimum age requirement by law, such as for bartenders. Also, do not ask age probing questions such as, when did you graduate high school?
    • Availability. You can ask them when they are available but not why.
    • Convictions and arrests. While you may discover this information in a background check, you will need to research how you can react to that information.
    • Credit or financial information. Again, while you may run a credit check with their permission, you'll want to know what can be asked.
    • Height or weight. You should only ask them if they can perform the duties assigned to them.

    Employment laws change often, but for the most part, they are designed to protect employees and applicants from discrimination. If you keep your questions targeted to the job specifically, you should be okay. If you have any hesitation about your interview process, it is wise to talk to a lawyer .

  • Should I do a background check?

    Background checks are not usually free, so you'll want to wait until you have a list of candidates you want to extend a job offer to. Many companies run both criminal background and credit checks. While becoming increasingly less common, some also require drug tests. You'll want to tell the candidates what kind of checks you are running and make sure you get their consent. You'll want to refer to your local hiring laws to make sure you do not discriminate against a protected class.

  • Why are online company reviews important?

    As you are investigating a candidate, they are most likely investigating your company, too. They may even be looking at your customer reviews. Online company review sites collect anonymous information from employees and former employees about your company. If you are getting low scores and negative comments, you'll need to work on finding ways to keep your employees more satisfied such as by cultivating better management communications, raising salaries and offering room for advancement, or improving company culture. It is a little bit more difficult to hide inside employee information about your company these days, so you may as well address it.

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