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What is an Employment Confirmation Letter?

An Employment Confirmation Letter is a document that is used to confirm the terms of employment that are being offered to a potential new hire. The letter will include all of the basic terms of the agreement so that the employee can have a reference point before making a firm commitment. 
Though it sounds similar, an Employment Confirmation Letter is distinct from an Employment Verification Letter, which is typically used by banks or other financial institutions, for example, in order to verify a person's employment status before granting loans or mortgages. An Employment Confirmation Letter is used to confirm an offer of employment and is sent by the employer to the prospective employee. An Employment Verification letter is used to verify an employee's employment status and may be sent to an employer by a third party financial institution.

When to use an Employment Confirmation Letter:

  • You want to confirm in writing the terms and conditions of employment verbally discussed with a potential employee.

Sample Employment Confirmation Letter

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Re: Offer of Employment


Dear :


As we discussed on the telephone, in my office, , on , we are extending to you an offer of employment as . If you accept our offer of employment, the following terms and conditions will apply.



Please plan to begin work on . I will contact you prior to to confirm your starting date. You will report directly to me as your ., .


Your beginning rate of compensation will be an annual salary of . per . a commission based on of . In addition to this compensation, you also will be paid a commission based on of . This commission will be paid in accordance with our policies which, may be modified from time to time.

You also will be reimbursed for the following out-of-pocket expenses, in accordance with our policies as may be changed from time to time:


If the above terms meet with your understanding of our discussion, please contact me at your earliest convenience regarding whether or not you will accept our offer of employment. I can be contacted at the above address or by phone at or . I may also be contacted by e-mail at . A fax can be sent to . If you decide to accept our offer, we will formalize our discussion with an employment agreement. This letter itself does not constitute an employment agreement.


We are looking forward to the opportunity of working closely with you in the near future.










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Important Details

This letter merely confirms the Employer's understanding of the terms and conditions that were discussed with during the interview. This letter is not an Employment Agreement and the terms contained in the letter will not be considered binding upon . If formally accepts the Employer's offer, an Employment Agreement should be prepared and signed by the parties.


Employment Confirmation Letter FAQs

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  • Why send an Employment Confirmation Letter?

    It's rewarding to find just the right person to join your business, and one of the best ways to demonstrate that the business is functional and prepared to welcome a new hire is to send an Employment Confirmation Letter. The Employment Confirmation Letter commits to paper the terms that were discussed, including the starting date, compensation, job description, and other details. Sending this letter also gives the potential hire the ability to read through and process all of the terms of the arrangement in preparation for signing the Employment Contract . This also allows time and space for any further negotiations, if necessary.

  • What do I include in an Employment Confirmation Letter?

    The level of detail included in your Employment Confirmation Letter can be simple or it can offer more in-depth information. Some examples of terms that are included in the Employment Confirmation Letter include:

    • Job responsibilities (title and duties)
    • Start date
    • Supervisor's name and title
    • Salary or hourly pay rate information
    • Benefits information
    • Paid vacation policy
    • Terms of the employment (for example, whether it is at-will)

    The Rocket Lawyer Employment Confirmation Letter includes each of these terms. You can use this letter if you want to confirm in writing the terms and conditions of employment with your new employee.

  • When does the Employment Confirmation Letter get sent?

    If there has not been a discussion regarding timeline, then the Employment Confirmation Letter may be sent within two weeks or so from the time the verbal offer, if any, was made. However, it is important to keep in mind that the process may work differently if the company does not routinely make verbal offers. If the company is not intending to give a verbal offer as a first step, then the Employment Confirmation Letter may get sent out as long as four weeks or so following the final interview.

Employment Confirmation Letter document preview

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