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Small businesses, jobs, and the election: Infographic

At Rocket Lawyer, we talk to courageous entrepreneurs every day: people who are following their dreams despite the steep learning curve, economic uncertainty, and many other challenges. So when we saw July job report numbers creeping upwards (163,000 jobs were added in July compared to an average of 133,000 in the previous two months) we wondered: are small business owners seeing signs of economic recovery? We surveyed small business owners to find out.  Our infographic tells the story:

Small businesses, jobs, and the election: Infographic

Click here to see the full pdf version of the infographic.

As shown above, small business owners’ attitude toward the economy is a qualified thumbs up: 38 percent of small businesses plan to hire in the next six months. But things aren’t cut and dry. Even though they’re planning to hire, small business owners aren’t feeling that great about the future; as a whole, they’re actually less optimistic than they were earlier in the year.

When you break small business owners down by the presidential candidate they support, there’s a strong correlation between optimism and the electoral divide. Obama supporters are much more likely to be looking on the bright side, while Romney supporters are far more uncertain.

But no matter which party small business owners relate to, they have one thing in common: a concern about legal issues. Government compliance is a top challenge, and legal issues have increased by 25 percent since the beginning of the year. That’s where Rocket Lawyer can help.

If you’re a small business owner, visit our small business legal center for everything you need to get your legal work done. Then get back to what you’re best at–leading the way.

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