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Travel, for many people, is a great excuse to relax a little, learn a few things and get away from it all. Whether your upcoming trip is all about business, education or escape, getting the legal boxes checked before you head out can allow you to spend more time enjoying the experience and some much needed time away.

Depending on your destination and the length of your stay, travel plans can require valid documentation and other official forms for international visits. Because laws vary from country to country, make sure you've got everything covered before you take off on your adventure. If you need a visa application for an extended stay or job overseas, for example, or if you need to apply for a passport or report a lost or stolen one, there are legal forms that can put the wheels in motion and make the whole process easier.

For more details on the legal ins and outs of travel, check out some of the articles below. And if we can help you find a lawyer to answer your more detailed questions, feel free to let us know.