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Our country was founded by hardworking and dedicated individuals. And what makes our nation so unique is that somewhere along the line, our family trees go back to other countries. If you have a loved one or friend, or it's you who's looking to become a citizen of the U.S., we can help send you in the right legal direction to make that dream come true.

To get the ball rolling, try browsing through our free immigration legal forms. The petition for alien relative is the first step in the process if you already have someone with residency. This form is filled out by a U.S. citizen or green card holder on behalf of the relative who wishes to immigrate. You might also consider a birth certificate request letter or a marriage certificate request letter to verify your own citizenship for the petition. An affidavit of support form also comes in handy when you have a relative moving to the U.S. from another country. It basically declares that you're financially responsible for them until they're ready to be on their own. When petitioning for someone who works for your business or household to become a resident, the immigrant petition for alien worker may be the form to go with.

If you're just looking around for information at this point, feel free to browse our essential guide to US immigration law or explore the immigration articles below.. And if you'd like to find a lawyer to answer more detailed immigration questions, just say the word and we can make that happen.