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Driving Violations

Almost any person who has a car will face driving violations at some point. Some of these violations can be more delicate than others, so when these situations arise you might want to consider speaking with an attorney. We're here to help you make that happen and answer your basic questions so that you can get back to your normal routine.

Many of us experience driving violations in the form of parking tickets. While those might seem like little annoyances, don't let them get too piled up in your glove compartment. Local governments make it fairly easy to pay these off nowadays, and often you can contest them online or through the mail if you feel like the tickets were issued in error. The more tricky scale of driving violations include speeding tickets and moving violations, not to mention DUI penalties, which can present you with some legal hurdles requiring professional legal help.

Below you'll find a few articles on driving violations that might help with some of your basic concerns, like what the DUI penalties are in your state. And let us know if you need us to help you find a lawyer to handle your driving violation.