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Accidents and Collisions

Hopefully you'll never be in a car accident. But if it happens to you, you'll be better off if you know how to get things taken care of the right way. As anyone who's been involved in a collision knows, it can lead to a tangle of issues that range from big things like health and finances to more basic things like official forms to fill out and insurance claims. Understanding your legal rights—like whether you or the other driver was at fault—can help you sort through these situations so you can have a little peace of mind and get back to everyday life.

Fender benders, collisions and more serious automobile accidents can be disorienting. If you need help, it's best to speak with an attorney to get everything sorted, especially if you've been injured. In other cases, you'll just need to follow a checklist of how to submit the details of the accident in some official way. For example, the DMV requires that you file a report with them if the accident damages are higher than $750, and insurance companies also need a claim filed pretty soon after to get everything on record.

Below you'll find some articles that can help guide you through the process, like how to file claims with your insurance company and how to report accidents to the DMV. And if you need to find a lawyer in your area, we're always happy to help.