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Bill of Sale Basics

You're selling some personal property, or perhaps you're the lucky buyer. Either way, a Bill of Sale helps protect your legal rights and responsibilities. Get it in writing before money changes hands. That way, you'll have proof of transfer of ownership, and you can refer to it if any questions arise about the sale or the object.

You can create a Bill of Sale to transfer ownership of personal property, like furniture, decorative objects, or equipment. If you're buying or selling other personal property like a car, boat or motorcycle, use our Vehicle Bill of Sale, Boat Bill of Sale, or Motorcycle Bill of Sale instead. Your Bill of Sale should include information like: the names of the buyer(s) and seller(s); a description of the property (including serial or ID numbers); the total price to be paid by the buyer; how the buyer will pay for the property; how sales tax will be incorporated into the price; any warranties the seller will make; and when the property will be transferred. You may also want to get it signed by a witness. Typically, the buyer keeps the original Bill of Sale, while the seller gets a copy.

Use the Bill of Sale document if:

  • You own personal property (other than real estate or a vehicle) that you'd like to sell or transfer, and you need a bill of sale for your accounting records.
  • You plan to buy property, other than real estate or a vehicle, from another party and you want to have a record of the transaction in writing.

Bill of Sale

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