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A Quitclaim Deed is a document stating that a person is giving up their legal interest in a real property, such as land or a house. It offers little protection to the person receiving the interest,... Read more

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Sample Quitclaim Deed Template
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Sample Quitclaim Deed

Follow our step-by-step process to customize the template.

Prepared By: |






After Recording Return To:|











  • , a married person

    for and in consideration of: One Dollar ($1.00) and/or other good and valuable consideration conveys, releases and quitclaims to the GRANTEE(S):

  • , , Trustee, residing at ,

, County,

the following described real estate, situated in , in the County of

, State of

Legal Description: See attached Exhibit A

Grantor does hereby convey, release and quitclaim all of the Grantor's rights, title, and interest in and to the above described property and premises to the Grantee(s), and to the Grantee(s) heirs and assigns forever, so that neither Grantor(s) nor Grantor's heirs, legal representatives or assigns shall have, claim or demand any right or title to the property, premises, or appurtenances, or any part thereof.

EXCEPTING AND RESERVING unto Grantor(s), a percent interest in all oil, gas, and other minerals, including gravel, clay, coal, sand and scoria presently owned by the estate.

EXCEPTING AND RESERVING unto Grantor(s) a life estate interest in the above described real estate on the terms listed below.


Grantor shall retain the right to use, occupy and possess the real estate described herein for the remainder of the Grantor's life. Grantor shall have full power to use and dispose of the entire distributable income from said real property and shall be responsible for payment of real estate taxes thereon. The life tenant shall have the right to execute leases, geophysical exploration agreements, and perpetual easements and grants of right of way shall be binding upon the remainder estate. The life tenant shall receive all royalties, rents, leases, geophysical exploration, easement, and right of way payments paid on account of the land during his lifetime. Grantor may commit waste on the premises if he desires to do so.

Tax Parcel Number:

Mail Tax Statements To:



Grantor Signatures:


, ,


Notary Public

Title (and Rank)

My commission expires


Making a Quitclaim Deed

  • What is a Quitclaim Deed?

    A Quitclaim Deed is a document stating that a person is giving up their legal interest in a real property, such as land or a house. It offers little protection to the person receiving the interest, so it is most often used between family members who have already established trust (such as gifting a house to a close relative).

  • Why would you use a Quitclaim Deed?

    You should use a Quitclaim Deed if you:

    • Are giving up your interest in real property to a spouse or ex-spouse.
    • Are gifting your property to another person or family member.
    • Need to transfer property to a trust.
    • Want to show a name change that affects an existing deed.
    • Want to transfer property to a business or other entity.
    • Have been asked by a title company to resolve a "cloud" on the title.

    Since this document offers little protection for the grantee (the person being granted the real property) it is not recommended to be used between those who do not know each other well. If you have questions about whether or not this document is right for you, ask a lawyer.

  • Does a Quitclaim Deed transfer ownership?

    Yes, a Quitclaim Deed transfers ownership of real property from one party to another, and it is most often used for transfers that do not involve a sale or purchase of the property.

    The person giving up interest, called the grantor, may not even have their name on the title (for example, if the property is in their spouse's name), but may be transferring their acquired or assumed interest to show that they have no interest in the property.

  • How long is a Quitclaim Deed good for?

    It varies by state, but some states will only honor the Quitclaim Deed for a certain amount of time (five years in California, for example). You'll need to talk to a lawyer or check with your county recorder's office to see if a statute of limitations applies.

  • How do I file a Quitclaim Deed?

    After you complete your Quitclaim Deed and have it signed and notarized, in most cases you will file the document with your local county clerk or office of the assessor or recorder. Some states may also require witness signatures and/or grantee signatures, as well.

  • Do I need a lawyer for a Quitclaim Deed?

    No, you do not need a lawyer for a Quitclaim Deed. With Rocket Lawyer, you can make a Quitclaim Deed for free.

    You can access your Quitclaim Deed anytime, anywhere, on any device. As a Rocket Lawyer Premium member, you can download it in PDF or Word format, and print it anytime. You can also use your Rocket Lawyer membership to have your Quitclaim Deed reviewed by an On Call attorney.

    If you have questions before getting started, ask a lawyer or check out other legal documents for property title transfer.

Is the Quitclaim Deed customized for my state?

Yes. Simply select your state from the menu above, or choose a specific state from the list below:

  1. Washington

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