Whether you are selling a car, animals, firearms or another item, we have a bill of sale form to help you document your sale. Below is a list of items that are commonly accompanied by a bill of sale when sold.

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Land vehicles and watercrafts


Cars are probably the most common product that a bill of sale is used for. A car bill of sale must provide the names and addresses of the buyer and seller, as well as a full description of the automobile. The year, make, model, odometer reading and vehicle identification number (VIN) are important details to document in this form, along with the purchase price and signatures of all parties.
Many vehicles sold by individuals are sold in as-is condition, which means there is no warranty or guarantee should something go wrong. A notation to this effect is usually written on the bill of sale.

Take a look at our Sample Bill of Sale Form that details what to include in a car bill of sale.

Motorcycles, trucks and other land vehicles

The types of details you need to sell a car are also required when selling a motorcycle, truck and other land vehicles like ATVs or trailers.

Boats, yacht and other watercrafts

Your bill of sale for selling a boat or other watercraft like a jet ski or PWC will document much of the same information as a land vehicle, such as name, address, purchase price, year, make and model.

However, instead of a VIN you would use a Hull Identification Number (HIN) to identify the boat being sold, which has 12 characters and is unique to each boat. You would also include the boat's size. Here is a sample description: 1986, Catalina 22' Sailboat, HIN# 4WNTB109F786.
A boat bill of sale also indicates whether the boat has a single, twin or inboard engine. Other features like the presence of a sink, shower, kitchenette and toilet are also recorded. 


A bill of sale can be used to sell animals as a horse dealer, dog breeder or cattle rancher.


When selling a horse, in addition to listing names, addresses and purchase price, you and the buyer must document the name, age, color, sex, breed and size of the animal. Some horses also have tattoos as identifiers. If you are a horse buyer, you may be given the option to have a veterinarian examine the animal, in which case, the bill of sale would indicate that this exam has taken place.
In some cases, a horse may be sold under a conditional bill of sale that requires the buyer to meet certain requirements on a trial basis to prove that the horse will be cared for properly.


Selling a dog or puppy requires documenting names and addresses of all parties, as well as the dog's name, breed, color, sex and date of birth. The dog may also have a registration number, which should be indicated, if applicable. A note is usually included to say that the dog is in good health and free of diseases.

The bill of sale can include a limited warranty, in which the seller gives the buyer the option of having the dog examined by a veterinarian within a specified number of days after purchase.

Wildlife and Livestock

Bills of sale for cattle and livestock typically include the type of animal, its weight and age. Other important details include branding and immunization information. There may also be additional agreements regarding how and when the animals will be transported.


The type of information required when selling handguns, rifles and shotguns may vary based on the county and state. Common pieces of information include the make and model of the gun, its serial number, caliber and permit number, if applicable. The driver's license number of both the buyer and seller are also required.

General and Blank Bill of Sale Forms

People also use a bill of sale for numerous other types of vehicles, items and equipment not listed above. If you are selling an item that is not listed above, you can customize a general bill of sale form for the item you are selling.
A Bill of Sale form makes it easy to sell goods and document the transfer of the property from the buy to the seller. 
Additional bill of sale resources: 

Get started Start Your Bill of Sale Answer a few questions. We'll take care of the rest.

Get started Start Your Bill of Sale Answer a few questions. We'll take care of the rest.