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Letter of Resignation

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A Letter of Resignation starts the formal process of leaving the employment of a company. For the most part, these letters are simple and a formality. Our forms can help you create your Official Resignation easily within minutes.

  • You want to let your employer know that you are leaving their employment and when.
  • Your employer asks for a written notice of your voluntary resignation.

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When it comes to letters of resignations, the briefer the better. You do not want to offer too much information such as what company you may work for next or why you are leaving. It is best to keep it simple and positive. You do not want to burn bridges or highlight company issues in this letter. It is simply a formality and a way for you and the company to document your voluntary departure from the company. Besides the basic form information, you only need to include two things in your resignation letter: that you are leaving the company and when.

You can submit a printed copy or submit by email, or both. Either way, keep a copy for your own records. If your end date changes, make sure to alter the letter and resubmit it. You only need to submit the letter to the appropriate person, you should not CC it to coworkers or other managers if not necessary.

Be prepared because in many states they can. Some states are "employed at will" or "right to work" states, sometimes nicknamed "right to fire" states by employees, which means they can let you go from the company without a reason. In some cases, they may ask you to voluntarily leave so they can avoid paying unemployment. You may be protected if you have an employment contract or are part of a union. You may also experience leniency if you are considered a protected class. Some states may override a company's "at will" policies. However, be prepared to leave your company after you submit your notice just in case. It is recommended that you should be ready to be escorted out of the building. Make sure you discreetly remove personal information from your company-owned computers and devices before handing in your notice. They may not fire you instantly, but it is best to be prepared. Many companies are perfectly fine with allowing you to work until your quit date without issues.

It is best to leave on good terms. If you are allowed to work your last two weeks or longer, do what you can to help your team transition. You may be tasked with training your replacement or with building training materials for your job. Make sure that you continue to work hard until your leave date and try not to discuss your new position with your coworkers too often. Show your appreciation to your company and express positive thoughts to your managers, mentors and coworkers. It doesn't help you to leave on bad terms and you may need Recommendation Letters and reviews from your coworkers and managers later. Also talk to human resources about pay owed such as vacation and accrued time, 401K rollover options, healthcare insurance COBRA options and more.

There are few things you can do to help you move forward in your career between companies. The first thing to do before you forget is to write out a description of your previous job and your accomplishments. Next politely ask your previous managers and coworkers for recommendations for your online profile. Make sure that you honor any Non-disclosure Agreements you may still be bound to. If you have any proprietary information from your previous computer on your personal computer or devices, dispose of it properly.


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