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Sample Day Care Contract Form Template
Day Care Contract Basics

When you're leaving your baby or preschooler in the hands of a nanny or daycare provider, a Day Care Contract can help give you peace of mind. Or, if you're a professional nanny whose livelihood depends on caring for children, a written agreement gives you protection from parents' whims. In fact, a Day Care Contract protects both parents and providers by getting the terms in writing.

Use the Day Care Contract document if:

  • You want to specify important details and policies for a child care facility or nanny.
  • You want to outline your expectations for your child's care.
  • You are a day care provider who wants to get your agreement in writing.

Whether you're returning to work after a new baby or you've started a job with longer hours, you'll want to make sure your child is well-provided for. A Day Care Contract can help avoid misunderstandings with your caregiver by laying out the expectations for both parties. As a parent, you'll want to be sure you can rely on your provider to stick to the hours you need. If you're a nanny, what do you do if a parent keeps asking you to come by at odd hours or weekends? Set out the terms of your childcare services with a Day Care Contract. With this flexible contract, you can outline hours of care and services provided. You can detail the obligations for parents, such as fees, pay schedule, and dropped-off and pick-up policies.

State and local laws require certain provisions be included in a Day Care Contract, and they differ from city to city and state to state. This Contract does not cover all laws and regulations governing childcare providers. Before completing your Day Care Contract, please verify that you are complying with all of your local requirements.

Other names for this document: Day Care Agreement, Day Care Contract Form

Sample Day Care Contract

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