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Sample Affidavit Form Template
Affidavit Basics

Sometimes telling the truth isn't enough--you need to swear to it, in writing. An Affidavit is the legal way to swear that your statements are fact. You'll sign an Affidavit document in front of a notary public to finalize it. If you've been asked for an Affidavit, you're being trusted to tell the whole truth — and nothing but.

Legal promises aren't just made in court rooms. An Affidavit can be signed anywhere there's a notary public. You might be asked to sign one as part of a contract. Or maybe you're involved in a legal process. Luckily, this doesn't take long — and you can go to any notary public you choose. After all, it's one thing to say something's true. It's another to swear it and sign to it. Or maybe you need someone to sign a formal sworn statement for you. You can't be too careful. We'll make it quick and easy to get the facts on paper, signed and dated, so you can move forward.

Use the Affidavit document if:

  • You have been asked to make a declaration or statement of fact under oath as part of a contract or legal process.


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