Destination weddings: How to get married abroad

destination wedding

Planning to get married on a faraway beach, in your favorite foreign city, or at the base of your favorite ski slope? You can get married almost anywhere with careful […]

International love: How to marry a foreigner or non-citizen

how to marry a non-citizen

If you are a non-citizen or plan to marry a non-citizen, you may want to know how to have a wedding that is legally recognized. You may also have questions […]

Prenups are for lovers: 3 benefits of Prenuptial Agreements

prenuptial agreement

While many couples focus on the “fun” part of getting married, in its essence, marriage is also a legal agreement. Laws define what that agreement is and what may happen […]

Make it legal: How to get a marriage license

marriage license

Obtaining a marriage license in most states is simple and often there is only a minimal waiting period, if any. States do not require you to have residency in the […]

Should you take out a second mortgage?

second mortgage

A second mortgage is a loan taken against the equity you’ve built up on your home since you signed your first mortgage. We are discussing different scenarios to consider if you are thinking about taking out a second mortgage on your home.

Know your rights: Immigration rights and protections

immigration rights

Like citizens, immigrants and those here using a Visa have rights and protections. Some protections are provided by the US Constitution and some states grant rights such as driving privileges. Learn more about immigration rights and protections.

5 things you can do for your mental health

mental health

May is Mental Health Wellness Month. The goal of Mental Health Wellness Month is to increase mental health awareness and to highlight the importance of taking care of our mental health. We are discussing 5 things you can do for your mental health today.

The royal wedding will lack a prenup, but should you?

prenup agreement

The royal wedding is just around the corner and it looks like there will not be a Prenuptial Agreement. Learn more about what a prenuptial agreement is and if it’s something you and your partner should consider.

Domestic partnership vs. common-law marriage


Common-law marriages and domestic partnerships can seem similar but they do have differences when it comes to requirements and benefits.

Do I need to pay taxes on private sales transactions?

private seller bill of sale

You may be required to pay taxes on private sales transactions. Some sales profits are considered capital gains by the IRS and some purchases require you to pay local sales taxes. Find out more about what your tax obligations might be at Rocket Lawyer.

How to audit your data privacy during tax season

data privacy tax season

It’s never a bad idea to check your date privacy settings. Rocket Lawyer is talking about a few things you can to do to protect your personal information.

FAQs regarding the new tax law

tax questions

We got the chance to chat with On Call attorney Stuart Bronstein and he answered some of the top questions regarding the new tax law.