Signing an Employment Contract: Protections to Consider


If you’ve accepted a job offer, it means you’re legally agreeing to an exchange of your services for a salary or hourly wage. Most employment relationships don’t require the use […]

Closing Documents: What Can I Expect to Sign as a Home Buyer?


Buying a home can be an exciting, yet overwhelming, experience. You will be required to sign numerous documents in order to complete the purchase of your new home. Whether you […]

Lend Money to Family and Friends the Smart Way


Many people turn to friends and family for loans when buying a large asset or starting up a business. Lending to family and friends is a high-risk undertaking with little […]

How to Sign Documents as a Power of Attorney Agent


A Power of Attorney is a legal document that grants one person the authority to act or make decisions on behalf of the person creating the Power of Attorney. The […]

Learning Pods & Micro Schools: Homeschooling Questions

learning pods

With COVID-19 jeopardizing the safe opening of schools across the country, many parents are looking into creating “learning pods” or “micro schools” for their children. A learning pod is a […]

Back to College: Questions from Parents, Students, and Staff

college reopening

As the nation continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, colleges and universities across the country are preparing for the start of the academic year and determining how best to […]

Back to School? Common Questions about Reopening Plans

school reopening back to school

As summer draws to a close, parents, teachers, and students may find themselves asking questions about the start of the school year and what it will look like. The announced […]

Eviction Moratorium Laws by State

eviction moratorium laws

Last updated: July 24, 2020 As a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, the federal government, along with many states and municipalities, have taken emergency actions to protect tenants from […]

Should I Sign a Lease Without Seeing the Apartment?

should i sign a lease

As COVID-19 continues to linger and shelter-in-place advisories remain in effect in some areas, apartment hunters may find it difficult to follow the procedures they’re accustomed to when moving into […]

Strikes and Mass Walkouts: Know Your Legal Rights

strikes and mass walkouts legal rights

On July 20, 2020, a mass walkout is scheduled to take place across the country. Supported by a coalition of national labor unions along with a number of racial and […]

Police Stops: Know Your Rights When Pulled Over or Questioned

police stops pulled over

Peace officers (including the police), are tasked with maintaining public safety and preserving law and order, however, for many people, interactions with law enforcement can be stressful. To stay safe during […]

Key Legal Documents for Rebuilding After Unrest

young man walking by black lives matter sign

If you’ve been impacted by the civil unrest taking place across America, you may have questions about what to do next. While a majority of recent protests have been peaceful, […]