FMLA, paid family leave & leave of absence legal answers for employees

fmla paid family leave

Understanding your employer’s time off policies can be confusing. When can you use PTO or paid family leave? If a family member is sick, what options do you have for […]

Paid sick leave laws by state and recent federal legislation

employee on paid sick leave

As a result of the coronavirus crisis, the federal government, along with several states and municipalities are taking emergency legal actions, including making changes to the law. While a new […]

Coronavirus emergency preparedness: 5 key legal documents

coronavirus emergency preparedness

As communities mobilize to preserve public health in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, you may have concerns about how to remain protected legally. Regardless of whether the virus has […]

How long does it take to repair a credit score?

debt collection

The amount of time it takes to repair your credit depends on what happened to it. We are discussing a few reasons for poor credit and how to repair it.

The dad’s guide to legal documents

dad legal guide

In honor of fathers everywhere we have created a list of legal documents that every dad should have to help them care for their loved ones, even when they are away.

LGBTQ legal matters: Same-sex marriage

same sex marriage

Now that same-sex marriage is legal in all U.S. states, there are fewer legal issues to manage than there used to be, but you may still have a few questions. […]

Estate planning for newlyweds


No matter how large or small your estate is, you’ll want to spend some time on estate planning after you get married. After you are married, you may want to […]

7 legal to-do’s after getting married

after wedding

After you get married, there are a few legal details you’ll want to address. If you choose to change your name, you’ll need to notify quite a few organizations and […]

Marriage laws every couple should know about

married couple

While we tend to focus on the romantic side of getting married, marriage is a legal relationship. It may be the most important legal agreement you’ll ever make. State and […]

How to protect your big day from difficult wedding vendors

wedding couple

With proper planning, good communication, and comprehensive service contracts, you can avoid most issues that may occur with wedding vendors. Your wedding planner will likely handle most problems with your […]

How to hire a wedding photographer or videographer

wedding couple photo

Hiring a wedding photographer is one of the most important tasks you have when planning your wedding. Your photographer and videographer only have one chance to capture your wedding,  so […]

How to hire a wedding planner

wedding couple

Hiring a wedding planner should greatly reduce your workload and help your wedding day unfold without a hitch. Planners handle the details of the wedding, so you and your spouse-to-be […]