Making a Birth Plan for Parents and Birth Teams


Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and expectant moms are looking ahead with anticipation to the arrival of their new babies. A Birth Plan can be a helpful document […]

Estate Planning: Don’t Forget to Make a Plan for Your Digital Assets


We all have digital assets. In fact, if you use a smartphone, tablet, computer, or maintain an online account, you most certainly have digital assets. Even if these assets do […]

Documents You Need To Gather Before You Buy a Home


Mortgage rates are at all-time lows, leading many people to think about buying a home in the coming year. Anyone who is thinking about jumping into the real estate market […]

Master Tenant and Subtenant Rights and Responsibilities


You may become a master tenant if your roommate moves out or if you decide you need a roommate and your landlord agrees. You might also become a master tenant […]

Who Owns the Engagement Ring if the Wedding Is Called Off?


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Can Homeowners Associations Evict Homeowners and Tenants?


Homeowners associations (or HOAs) are designed to maintain the standard of living in a neighborhood. In some circumstances, this may require taking action against homeowners or tenants who violate association […]

Police Stops: Know Your Rights When Pulled Over or Questioned

police stops pulled over

Peace officers (including the police), are tasked with maintaining public safety and preserving law and order, however, for many people, interactions with law enforcement can be stressful. To stay safe during […]

2021 Eviction Moratorium Extension and Tenant Rent Relief Update


Millions of Americans continue to struggle financially as businesses big and small fight to stay afloat amid repeated pandemic shutdowns and re-openings. Renters, in particular, worry about the possibility of […]

2021 COVID-19 Student Loan Repayment Relief


Average individual student loan balances in the United States increased to over $38,000 in 2020 according to Experian, the credit reporting company. This is a tremendous amount of debt that […]

Use a Promissory Note To Give a Business Loan to Family or Friends


Many people are taking advantage of the uncertainty caused by the pandemic to get their dream business off the ground. While banks may be eager to lend money, some new […]

Can You Use a CDC Declaration Form to Avoid Eviction?


The social distancing guidelines and stay-at-home orders meant to slow the spread of the coronavirus have had a devastating effect on the economy, manifesting in reduced hours, layoffs, and furloughs. […]

Prepare for the Unexpected with a Power of Attorney for Your Finances


Few of us have a plan in place for accidents and emergencies, yet if you were to become incapacitated, you would probably want the right person or people making decisions […]