6 tips for estate planning during the holidays

estate planning holidays

Giving the gift of estate planning this holiday season may sound unconventional, but preparing loved ones for the future is important. Here are 6 tips to start the conversation around estate planning with your loved ones.

Keeping up the cheer: don’t drink and drive

drinking driving

Don’t drink and drive! Here are some stats and tips to keep the cheer going throughout the season and avoid unpleasant experiences with drinking and driving.

Is it Chanukkah, Chanukah or Hanukkah?

facts around hannukah

This season is filled with different celebrations and holidays and we researched some facts around Channukah and it’s significance, spin your dreidels!

Co-parenting around the holidays

co parenting during the holidays

Our tips for co-parenting around the holidays will help you have a smooth, enjoyable holiday season and keep stress to a minimum.

Breast cancer awareness month

breast cancer awareness month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month: spread the message of prevention and early detection, encourage your friends to take charge and show your support to those fighting this battle.

Make a Will Month: How modern technology is changing estate planning

technology for estate planning

Technology provides us with the opportunity to enhance the inherently personal and high-stakes process that is estate planning we partnered with SafeBeyond for this post.

Estate planning do’s and don’ts

estate planning best practices

When you’re thinking about estate planning, there are some things to consider, this post by Seniorly will cover best practices and things to avoid when planning your estate, so that you can start on the right path toward a peaceful retirement.

Benefits to having a will

benefits to having a will

There are countless benefits to having a will, from taking care of your loved ones to making sure that your wishes are respected, Amanda Gordon, Esq. shared her top benefits of planning your estate.

What kind of estate planning do you need?

types of estate planning ()

Our goal during Make, a Will Month, is to help you understand and find the best option for estate planning, this guide will give you some insight on the different types of estate planning.

Special offer: Write your will for just $10


Before August is over, write your will with us at Rocket Lawyer. For only $10, you can create your legal last will and testament in about half an hour.

To bequest or not to bequest? That is the question


A will allows you to communicate your wishes and make things easier for the people you care about; we researched some fascinating bequests from Houdini and the creator of Captain America.

Estate planning: myths and realities

estate planning myths

August is Make a Will Month at Rocket Lawyer, we conducted a survey and created this infographic where we debunk some myths about estate planning.