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Taxes are an inevitable part of your financial world. But with a little legwork, tax season can come and go without a hitch. If you have some legal questions about the IRS or filing your return, you might want to consider speaking with a tax attorney. We're here if you need us to make that connection so that you can resolve things and get back to doing what you enjoy.

To help you stay organized, certain tax forms are good to have handy, like the W-2 form if you run a business with employees or have someone who works for you, and the 1099 form for reporting miscellaneous income. For filing, you can always download the common 1040-ES form for individuals or the 1120-W form if you're incorporated.

Life changes like marriage and children can affect your tax status, and incorporating your business can help you save a bundle in the long run, so it really pays to do your tax-time homework. As you go along, you could be faced with an audit, which is basically where the IRS examines your financial records to make sure you filed your tax return correctly. In those situations it's a good move to check in with an accountant or tax attorney to guide you through the process.

Below you'll find some tax articles that can help answer your questions. And, as always, if we can help you find a lawyer just say the word.