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Legal Separation

Some couples choose legal separation to get through difficult periods. During times like this, the law might seem like too much to handle. But actually, legal guidelines can help you with the process and provide you and your partner with some much needed clarity. Everyone's situation is different, so you might want to consult an attorney. Whatever you choose to do, lining up the details early can make it easier for you to move on with your life.

Legal separation is often the first step in the divorce process, but it can also be an option for people who are not quite sure they want to go that route. Legal separation usually involves filing a Marriage Separation Agreement with a court to outline the terms of your separation. It's basically a temporary arrangement that protects both sides and outlines everyone's basic rights and responsibilities so there's no confusion.

Legal separation is also a good option to consider if divorce goes against your personal beliefs or if your children would have a hard time dealing with those often difficult proceedings. And if you're trying to work through your relationship, legal separation is less final than divorce.

Following a legal separation, child custody and financial issues may come up as well. To learn more, check out our articles on legal separation. And if we can help you find a lawyer, please let us know.