Giving up parental rights can be a difficult process. Here are some tidbits about giving up parental rights. 

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You may have to sign a consent form, depending which state you live in.  This consent form must be submitted to either a judge or a notary public.  You may also have to go through court process depending on the state you live in.  To check the requirements for relinquishing parental rights, you should check with your state's legislative website.

Depending on your state, there may be additional procedures to relinquishing parental rights, such as counseling.  Furthermore, courts are often very strict regarding parental rights.  The finality of the decision cannot be understated.  Furthermore, courts expect the parent has full understanding of the consequences of their request. 

If you are scared you may lose your parental rights involuntarily, beware of these behaviors.  Parental rights may be stripped of you if you are found guilty of abuse or neglect, abandoning your child, or alcohol induced in capacity. 

Whether voluntarilty or involuntarily, giving up parental rights is a heavy subject and should be carefully considered.  The mental trauma on your child cannot be undestimated.

Rocket Lawyer has addition helpful tools to assist you in moving forward as well as for caring for your children.  There are also useful articles concerning adoption and custody.

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