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Protecting and supporting family members is your number one priority. We're here to help you set up the safeguards that will allow you to focus on what's important--enjoying life surrounded by the people you love and care about.

When you decide to tie the knot, there are a few things you might want to take care of early so that you can just enjoy this exciting time with family and friends. Basic legal forms can help smooth out the transition. Like, before joining forces with your partner a prenuptial agreement form helps clear up property arrangements, who's responsible for what, how the finances break down and who takes care of which bills. And if you're taking on your partner's name, a name change notification letter spreads the news to employers and others.

After you start a family, you might need certain forms to take care of your children, like a child care authorization form allowing a child caregiver to make decisions on health and other major decisions while you're at work, and a child care contract for when you invite a nanny into your family.

Personal records are also good to get squared away as you organize family affairs. For example you might need a birth certificate request form or a marriage certificate request letter if you've misplaced these documents. You might need them so you can apply for a passport or insurance policy down the road.

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